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Space… I’m out of it as of tomorrow!

Today was my last day on “Enterprise”. I managed to get off the first unit crew (I had enough of The Walrus), and they cut the rigging crew, so I’m jumping to another show tomorrow.

We had a fun, fun day.. Everyone is really relaxed, and we were joking and having fun all day.. Near the end of the day, we were all (rigging grip/electric, set construction and swing gang) taking joke pictures in the bridge set and we got busted by the UPM. Ooops.. He was pretty good natured about it, but still. He walked in on us, and watched us for a few moments, and then politely asked us to please get back to work.. One of the stand ins who’s a horrible gossip saw too, and the ENTIRE crew knew in about 10 minutes.. Damn.

Bumped into a Major Movie Star today.. he was on the stage next to ours, and we were chit chatting.. I had no idea who he was until someone told me.. He’s not that good looking in person, but he’s got that charisma.. when he talks to you, articles of clothing just loosen themselves.. he smiled at me, and my shoe came untied.. Damn.
Short, but a very, very nice guy. He offered to get me a cup of coffee (his stage had MUCH better coffee than ours), and then called me “Babe” in front of the boys, and they gave me shit for the rest of the day.

I’m going to miss the boys. Oh, and “The Walrus” is going to stick.. the nickname has spread through the crew like wildfire.. now EVERYONE on the Paramount lot is calling him “The Walrus”..


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