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Three day weekend.. Sort of.

Yesterday (Friday) was my last day on the Paramount lot.. I’m back into freelance world – and I’m on a music video tonight (well, actually it’s a 2 am call, so I can still go out, I just have to not show up drunk. Scraping the makeup off my face before work would be a good thing as well).

Got to Paramount at 7:30 am, after having been given the wrong call by the scheduling people – I was supposed to be in at 7 am. Fuck. I hate being late – at least the boss wasn’t mad..

Worked for six hours tearing out a rig from a commercial that shot Thursday night on New York Street, and then went home. Yay! I love working for less than 8 hours..

I went to the gym (I need to go more often.. I’m getting doughy!), swam, did laundry, had lunch, and went shopping – there’s a Lush in Pasadena. Crap. The only thing that was preventing me from spending every cent I own in there was my not wanting to drive all the way to the Promenade. Well, I spent too much, but at least I smell good!

I forgot to call in (to get my call time for Monday.. there’s a schedule posted in the lamp dock for the next work day. It goes up about 4 pm, and it’s got everyone’s name, what their call time is and which stage they’ll be working on – it’s the employee’s responsibility to check this board every day. Universal has one as well, as does Warner Brothers. Sony does not, and on that lot it’s the responsibility of the supervisor to give the call time for the next day) before 5pm (I was so giddy with a free afternoon and I lost track of time), so I had to actually go to Paramount to check the call board – I got back to the lot about 6:30 pm, and saw my name in the ‘layoff’ column – I did a little happy dance right there in the hallway. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t dislike working at Paramount, I just get bored if I’m in the same place for too long.

As I was leaving the lot, Mr. Movie Star almost ran me over. He threw a “hey babe” my way in a distracted manner and then tore the hell out of there.. One of the security guards speculated that Mr. Movie Star must be late for his manicure. Heh.

I had yet another Craig’s List date last night.. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out with this guy- he’s really hesitant sounding on the phone – that sort of broken, full of pauses way of talking “Well…. my day was…. okay.. I….. went over.. to the store…. ” Every time I talk to him on the phone, I want to reach through the earpiece, choke the shit out of him and shout “Get to the point!” Maybe it’s me – maybe I just need to lay off the coffee.

He turned out to be much better in person, and I actually had a fun time. He’s a grad student in film, which is interesting because he’s not seen very many movies (He’s not seen Fight Club, which I thought was de rigeur for the post-post modern budding filmmaker).

Part two of The Blonde’s shoot has been rescheduled yet again, due to yet more scheduling problems.. We’re going to try to shoot Monday now. I only have a page or so left to shoot, and I think we can do it in less than four hours.. It’s basically two people talking. She’s stressed about it already.

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