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Yay for Double Time!

We got a nice wrap day today..

Good Friday being a union holiday, we got 8 hours at double time! Yay!

We had a nice, easy day as well. All we did was get our equipment onto our truck (as opposed to the ‘drop loads’ and the rigging package which is HUGE), which took about six hours of easy work, and since there was no production there (no production = no panic), we could do things like speculate about how much money we could get on eBay for a door handle that Brad broke during a take – I think not much, as there’s no way to prove that it’s an actual item from the movie. The boys disagree.

It’s a moot point, as none of us care enough to actually go to the trouble to try to sell the thing.

We got done early, and I went to the gym that’s across the street from the Ikea and swam for an hour, and then I went to Fry’s (how is it that whenever I’m not going to be able to get there, Fry’s will have a phenomenal deal on something I’ve been wanting for ages.. but on the one Friday when I get off early and have to pass right by on my way home, they have nothing good.. why?) for a bit, and then went home – while it’s still light.

Oh, the joy!

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