Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

A heartfelt apology.

In a previous post, when I referred to George Lucas as a ‘crazy midget’, I in no way intended to insult, disparage or defame ‘little people’.

I also did not intend to insult, disparage or defame in any way those unfortunate folks who suffer from mental illnesses.

So stop with the hate mail!

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7 Responses

  1. Chuck says:

    Why is it always the little people with mental illness who have keyboards and high-speed internet connections and the time and energy to use them?

  2. Riss says:

    Yes, please don’t anger the crazy midgets. I can’t handle the rioting.

  3. someone’s SO gonna whack me out the next time i’m in the states, i’m sure of it . . .

  4. Drake says:

    With me being only 3 feet 2 inches tall in stature and suffering from life-long mentally illness, I feel that I must say to you that pancakes speak the truth with the shopping cart dancers, despite the lack of hair…

    Oh, and I also enjoy your blog.

    Take care!

  5. shamp says:

    i’m an ewok, so i’m not sure how i should feel.

    excellent blog btw.

  6. Dave2 says:

    Focus people… since mentally ill persons of smaller stature are out of the question, the real issue becomes “how can we effectively disparage George Lucas without offending anybody?”

  7. Peggy Archer says:


    Funny stuff, all of you! I needed the giggle!

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