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Dead, dead dead…

There’s absolutely no work out there – the current pastime is trying – via our union’s email list – to guess when it’s going to pick up. The most popular guess seems to be “in a couple of weeks”, but that may just be wishful thinking.

In my experience, it’s normally dead from June until August (all the TV shows are ‘down’, and there’s just not that much feature film work left in Los Angeles. Most of it’s gone to Canada or Australia).

So far, I’ve managed to drum up just enough work to fuck up my unemployment (of course).

AND – I didn’t get my last check for “Material Girls” – I should have gotten it a week ago, and it never showed up. My first thought is always “maybe it got lost in the mail”, but that normally doesn’t happen. Production usually forgets to issue them, so it’s just a matter of calling and telling my boss that I didn’t get the check. He’ll then call production, and they’ll cut a check.

The production office is open long after the movie finishes shooting (I think “Material Girls” wrapped last week) – they stay open until the movie finishes with post production – special effects, sound editing, ADR/Foley, etc..

I’m off to Santa Barbara. I’ll be back tomorrow night.

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4 Responses

  1. ZETAZEN says:

    I’m sure working in the “industry” is hard…I can’t imagine not getting paid on a regular basis…but I sure the trade off is you’re doing something you love…as I am a hum drum…

  2. carrie says:

    hope you enjoyed santa barbara.

  3. shamp says:

    You said a lot of production over the summer takes place in Canada or Australia. Do you ever get to visit those places on a film or do they always use local crews?

  4. Peggy Archer says:

    A lot of production year round takes place in Canada and Australia.

    They use local crews, and only take ‘department heads’ with them (DP, Gaffer, Key Grip).

    So, no. I don’t get to go, unfortunately.

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