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“Danika” Day 5

I hate Mondays – exceptionally so when they happen on a Thursday.

We’re still upstairs in the house. It’s hot, crowded, and the AD’s haven’t been clearing the set when we’re lighting. I mentioned in passing to one of them that it would be nice if they’d help us out by telling folks who aren’t working to step off set, and she yelled at me.

Then the best boy got wind of it all and accused me of ‘going over the gaffer’s head’, which wasn’t my intention.

We may or may not have to reshoot the stuff from Friday night in the backyard. This would entail taking the tents down, relighting the back yard and then putting the tents back up for the interior work the next day. There’s been a lot of discussion about when and if that’s going to happen. The director claims he needs to do it because he didn’t like the performances, but the entire crew knows that it’s because they moved too slow that night and got caught by the light in the morning and the shot looked like shit.

We can’t use the house’s air conditioning system anymore – someone from production figured out how much it was going to cost them when the family (who’ve been hanging out – they’re all very, very nice) sent them the bill. This is not good. It was already hot in there with our portable a/c AND the house AC.

AND, to top it all off…..

Last night, I went and had an after work beer with Cupcake. He spent the time telling me about his recent break up, and ended up telling me that the fact that his ex is seeing someone else already makes him feel bad about himself. Courageous after downing two beers, I told him that if it would make him feel better, I thought he was really cute and that if he weren’t a juicer (I have a no 728 rule), I’d be all over him.

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5 Responses

  1. Stan says:

    Maybe I’m just old, but what’s a ‘no 728 rule’?

  2. Catherine says:

    Oooh, interesting! I will wait anxiously for updates. :)

  3. Dave2 says:

    Hey… Mr. Movie Star is still in the picture!

    But for how long?

    How long?

    This question and many others will be answered in the next episode of TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED!

    (a pity that local 728-ers are out of the picture… I’d think a match of SELTs would be… ELECTRIC! Ha ha ha)

  4. Oh, Peggy, you’d date a lowly co-worker over a movie star? I think I like you even more now. Please, please give us more. I’m waiting to exhale. (by the way, I take it that neither of these people know you’re a blogger? otherwise, you may have some ‘splainin’ to do)

  5. Peggy Archer says:

    Stan – 728 is my union local. Basically, the ‘no 728’ rule is my attempt not to shit where I eat.

    Atlas – a LOT of people don’t know about the blog, which is why it’s as uncensored as it is.

    Tip your waitresses, Dave will be here all week!


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