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Teamwork is for Sissies

It takes a few days to get used to a new crew, and then one starts to see the dynamics of the group. Working the set in any department is all about teamwork, and a couple of these guys are just not team players.

We have walkie talkies in order to communicate – one person brings a light, another brings power, someone else brings any gels or diffusion or anything else that’s needed..some lights are so heavy that they need two or three people to lift them.. We have walkies so we don’t work harder than we absolutely have to. More than once in the past few days, I’ve brought something that was asked for or pulled over power, only to get there and have one of the guys say “Oh, I’ve already got that.” FUCKING TELL ME ON THE WALKIE, ASSHOLE, SO I DON’T WASTE TIME AND ENERGY BRINGING YOU SOMETHING YOU ALREADY HAVE. For fuck’s sake, it’s not like I don’t have anything else to do.

It’s the hero syndrome. They want to be superman – “Look at me boss, I got that for you. Oh, I got that too. Look how hard I’m working! You don’t really need those other guys – I’m a hero!”
It’s worth noting that the guys who do this (and it’s only two of them), are both really young – as they get older, lose the testosterone and gain experience, I’m sure they’ll settle in, but right now it’s an enormous pain in the ass on a show that’s not that easy to begin with. As a crew, teamwork makes you, and lack of it can break you – these days have been a lot harder than they’ve needed to be because of the lack of teamwork, and “Danika” was a lot easier than it should have been most of the time because everyone worked together so well.

Call time: 10:30 am
Wrap time: midnight

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