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A Zombie Says What?

I know for a fact that 5 1/2 script pages can be shot in 12 hours without hurrying.

Today, it took us 15 hours (making yesterday our third 14+ hour day in a row) to shoot that 5 1/2 pages.

The director of this episode has been pulling a Warren Beatty*, which hasn’t been making him any friends – with crews, at some point the money ceases to matter and we just want to go home.

Long days are wearing.. After three of them in a row, the entire crew was punch drunk – bad third grade jokes set off 15 minute long laughing fits, and everyone had that glazed look. I kept remembering that line from Fight Club… “A copy of a copy of a copy”.. Conversations seemed tinny and far away, reaction times multiplied as our worn out brains took longer and longer to process information (“Look out, that light’s going to fall!” “What?” :crash: “Oh. The light. Whoops.”).

A very, very lucky few either found the coveted nap spots in the set or managed to sleep sitting up.

Sleep spot

*On Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty was ordered by Disney to do fewer takes (he was doing over 30 takes on every shot) – so what he’d do was this: He’d call take one, then have the actors do the scene over and over and over until the camera’s film ran out. That way, he’d get the shot done 30+ times, but would technically only have done 8 takes.

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3 Responses

  1. The Baxter says:

    loved the blog…have you visited the herald examiner lately…long days can be found there as well!

    ps. today a honda spot did a day in 11 hours. un heard of.

  2. Peggy Archer says:

    If I never see the inside of the Herald Examiner building again, it’ll be too soon..

    I’ve had some of the worst days of my life there.

  3. Miss Musings says:

    wanna come work on “rescue me” – we do approx. 12-15 pages in 12 hours. U’ll have lots more fun and we have a great crew!–>

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