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Sunday’s quest

I put hot sauce on just about everything I eat – eggs, meat, cottage cheese (don’t knock it – nonfat cottage cheese, canned mandarin orange slices, walnuts and hot sauce is damn tasty. I just have to remember to take the Lactaid), quiche, BLT’s, rice, beans, pasta, toast, that cheap caviar from Trader Joe’s, salad, etc…

Hell, I’ve even tried hot sauce on ice cream (now that one didn’t work so well).

My favorite had been Cholula, but the caterer on this movie’s been stocking a brand called Tapatio, which is now officially my favorite. It’s got a good heat level, an excellent flavor, and it’s not too vinegary (Tabasco, while great on oysters and in cajun-style stuff, is a bit too thin for general use).

I’d seen Tapatio at restaurants, and had always reached over it to get to the Cholula, but now I’m converted.

My two missions today were getting the laundry done and procuring some hot sauce. I struck out at Whole Foods and that hot sauce store in the Farmer’s Market (although they do carry Cholula).

Third try’s a charm (or something like that) – I found it at Monsieur Marcel, a gourmet place that’s also in the Farmer’s Market (I’d gone in there looking for something else and just checked the hot sauce selection out of curiosity).

I bought two bottles (I was going to give one to my cousin, who also loves hot sauce; but screw her – she can rot in Tabasco land), and to celebrate my score, for dinner I had oven fries (slice potatoes, bake in oven till crispy) with about a quarter bottle of Tapatio – and a glass of the 2005 Beaujolais Nouveau, which held up surprisingly well to hot-sauce loaded potatoes.

Don’t hate me because of my hot sauce habit.

Hate me because I paired it with a perfectly innocent wine.


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