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Nothing tonight (okay, maybe something)

I’m in 10 hour turnaround – we wrapped after 8 pm, and my call in the morning is 6 am.

There’s actually a lot to write about, but I’m off to bed.

UPDATE: This LA Times article (which, today, I’ve really been regretting – I’d dug myself into a nice little rut and now I’m all out of sorts) has spawned some fantastic emails.

Here’s one from tonight: Chris Hager’s Local 80 Photographs

These are fucking amazing. Local 80 are grips – and these are some fantastic portraits of my grip brothers and sisters. You want to see what “we” look like?

Here we are.

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9 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Those are amazing portraits. The looks on some of their faces is great. One of the guys even looks like “the Jesus” from The Big Lebowski (which is a cool thing).

  2. Chuck says:

    Ha! I worked with a few of those guys back in their non-union days. And there’s one of them there who I’m glad to see is still around — I would have pegged him as dead by O.D. by now. Looks like he’s cleaned it up and gotten it together.

  3. Yeah, those are some amazing head shots. Does Local 80 recruit straight from modeling agencies or this just the world’s best photographer?

  4. Anonymous says:

    as a former parole officer i recognise about half of those guys rofl

  5. Anonymous says:

    as a former parole officer i recognise about half of those guys rofl

  6. RJ says:

    I say this having worked as a grip – it takes a truly special person to appreciate that page of mugs.


    My blog

  7. Boatdock says:

    The article was a good thing…

    No, a great thing. After I read it, I signed on and read every entry you made in one sitting. More than I can say for 99% of the scripts I read. Anyway, thank you. You made me miss the set sooo bad. Even the rap videos.

    My only concern is you’re drinking too much coffee. Sorry, had to.

    Here’s something you’ll appreciate Best hot sauce I’ve ever had, and as a North carolina boy, I’ve done my share of testing.

    Thanks for sharing yourself with the world. Be safe and swim when you can. – Boatdock

  8. Spaceman says:

    I know some of those freaks!

    Really great blog. Inspiring. A friend pointed me in the direction of your front page article. Great for you. Maybe this will end up being your million dollar idea! I am a non-union grip grasping for days, and it’s cool to see the attention you are getting. Keep it up!

  9. Peggy Archer says:

    Mark – they are amazing, aren’t they?

    Chuck – It’s always good when you see someone you used to know and they’re not dead! Maybe.

    GCF – He’s the world’s best photographer.

    rj – that is a page of mugs, isn’t it? But a very well photographed one!

    Boatdock – thanks for the compliment!

    Ditto Spaceman – and you’ll get your days, I’m sure of it.

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