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The Lying Sack of Shit

Walkie talkies are so much more than a simple communication tool. Without them, we’d not have nearly as much fun as we do.

At some point during the early afternoon today, someone accused the set lighting department of ‘being dishonest with production’.

I have no idea why it happened, how it happened or what led up to the accusation. At the time, I was on the truck and only heard about it second-hand – in the form of “Wait ’til you hear this!” from one of my co-workers.

Of course, this immediately caused a lot of mirth in our supposedly dishonest little department. My boss started it by jokingly calling one of the other juicers a “lying bastard”, which sent us all into hysterics right there on the lift gate of the truck.

It quickly escalated on the walkie when we started referring to each other as “lying sack of shit” – as in “Hey you lying sack of shit – where are those stingers?” or “I know you told me you wrapped those lights, but I should probably double check because you’re a lying sack of shit.”

If someone didn’t respond to his or her name the first time (and sometimes you don’t), the next step would be to yell – you guessed it – “Clock in*, you lying sack of shit!”

By the end of the day, I was breaking up halfway through “Sack of shit”, and one of the other guys couldn’t even say that much because he’d start laughing right after he managed spit out the word “You”.

This has officially usurped the “Cheez Nips and a punch in the mouth” joke that had just about run it’s course (it had actually gotten out of control – I have a water bottle holder on my toolbelt and yesterday, someone removed the water bottle and filled the holder with Cheez Nips while I wasn’t looking).

On the way home, my boss called to tell me that he’d moved me to the rigging crew tomorrow (they’re day exterior and don’t really need three people since they’ll probably not do any lighting). The stage is three blocks from my house, so this is a huge favor – tomorrow’s location is a half-hour drive for me.

When I said that I would miss them (so not true – I’ll have an eight hour day and my call’s two and a half hours later than theirs), he said “Don’t worry – I’ll call you every 15 minutes and lie to you”.

If only I could believe him.

We are, after all, a bunch of lying sacks of shit.

*”Clock in” being what someone says to you when you’re daydreaming and should be working – as in “punch the clock, you’re at work.”

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    “being dishonest with production”. Damn, whoever said that better have had some thing to back that up. That’s a pretty strong accusation. I’m glad the juicers just made fun of it all day.

    You sound like you’re going to have an “easy” day tomorrow. I’m praying that we do too. Today was Two Episodes, Two stages, two directors, two ad’s, too much!

    Stay safe missy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your ‘easy’ day. Questions…does it really take 1/2 hour to drive 3 blocks?

  3. Willy Jo says:

    hi thar peggy the pegleg

    i was wunderin iffin i culd borraw yer leg fer awile?

  4. What is the statistical probability that you know any Sparks/Gaffers in London who are happy to work on a freebie this weekend?

    Not high enough…

    But IF you are… then drop me a line!

    (I am not joking either)

  5. if you DO… I meant to type

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