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I promise I won’t kill anyone. Today.

I was cranky as hell Friday. The teenagers were driving me mad, my co-workers were driving me mad, the director was driving me mad, hell – the color of the walls in the school was driving me mad. Craft service and the caterer just about sent me over the edge, and a simple request from another crew member to read my newspaper sent me into a near-murderous rage.

The topper to the day was my accidentally locking myself in a bathroom (don’t ask) at wrap and then having to pound on the door and scream for help until someone came to let me out (given how big a cunt I’d been all day, I’m really surprised that they didn’t just leave me in there). I cursed at other motorists all the way home, and upon getting there the discovery that my saved take-out had gone bad (not surprising – it had been in the fridge for a week) resulted in yet another temper tantrum (and my having to scrub the walls of the kitchen at 2 am after I calmed down).

Although everyone’s cranky near the end of a movie (spending too much time crammed into close quarters for 14 hours a day every day will do that) I figured out that my crankiness is because I haven’t worked out consistently since this movie started. When I’m not working, I’m doing some kind of workout damn near every day (weights four times a week, cardio of some type six days a week).

I guess I’ve gotten addicted to it, as after two days of doing weights (arms yesterday, legs today) and swimming (both days), I feel much better -so much better that I don’t want to kill anyone, and I even baked a bunch of cookies to take to work tomorrow as an apology for my being horrible on Friday.

Three more days – our last shooting day is Wednesday, and we wrap the truck on Thursday and Friday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I spent Thursday biting the heads off my co-workers (they were delicious!). 5 months on this show coupled with the cold from hell that won’t go away, little sleep, and the longest week ever made me not very nice to be around. We shoot one more day, then it’s a blissful hiatus for two weeks. We all need a break.

    Hang in there lady. You’re almost home.

  2. Derek says:

    You are still doing better than the guy who got into one of the portable johns last season on Amy and noticed it was moving but because it was the middle of the shoot day thought, “ok I will finnish what I am doing. transpo is probably just moving this shitter around the corner.” Within a few minutes He was on the 405 North doing 65 mph.(thank God for Cell Phones) The crapper Company had come to take the unit back to the shop. If you heard this story it did happen and was not a “Film Urban Legend.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Peggy,

    Two words: Krav Maga.

    I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, saved a lot of Art directors/Prod. Designers from being splats on the flats.

    Mostly punching/kicking pads. Great for working things out of your system.

    Have a great Holiday.

    Greg L.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You slay me. That one line about having to scrub the walls made my 12 hour while sick workday dissapear. Keep the good posts coming.

    -Dan the nurse

  5. Mike, Local 80 says:

    Yeah, “Show Rage”. I think we’ve all been there. I had a Key Grip (I’m Local 80) tell me he thought I had “anger issues” on a day like that. Too much work + too little sleep + crappy food + working for the monkeys(no offense meant to ACTUAL monkeys)in video village = I will rip off your head and s$%^ down your neck.
    Hope you get some nice downtime over the holidays. Cheers!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i was the same today…….tranpo on our show….really dropped the ball….precalls an hr early, and no drivers….i was in a tail spin all day…..crapy food..lame transpo, whats a grip to do?…show rage happens. the cookies are a nice touch .oh, and happy sam…get your own link.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just an observation… did you get any sun? I know living in LA and all you would think so, but if you don’t get 15 minutes or so a day (like when you are working indoors, on set, for fourteen hours) it can play havoc with your moods.

  8. Peggy Archer says:

    Anon – I know.. Two more days. I feel much better and since we have a late call tomorrow I can go swim before work which will make the day go better.

    Derek – Hahahaha!! I actually did laugh out loud at that! Thanks!

    Greg – I don’t know.. My current booty call does that and he just seems to get the shit beat out of him an awful lot.

    Dan – thanks! Glad to hear I made someone’s day better. The whole flying takout thing was a bit silly.

    Mike – I hope I do too!

    Anon – crappy food’s the worst, isn’t it? We went across the street to a Japanese joint for noodles at lunch, which saved the day.

    Anon – I’m definitely getting 15 minutes of sun every day. The crankiness is more from confinement and being sedentary – plus the crappy food.

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