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One more day

On our set, you can feel that no one cares anymore. A few people have already left to go home for the holidays, and everyone else is just marking time until we’re done.

Our wrap plans have gone seriously awry. Were going to wrap tomorrow night after we finished shooting (three hours of double time – since we’re figuring it’s going to be at least a 14 hour day and this contract doesn’t pay double time until after 14 hours), do one day at the rental house and then have Friday off, but the UPM doesn’t want to pay that three hours(which I can understand – she’d be paying double time for us and grip: about 10 people), so we have to go back to the school on Thursday (whatever time we get there – it’ll probably be about 1 pm), wrap the location, send the truck to the rental house and unload the truck Friday morning. Although I was looking forward to having a day off before I leave town, an extra day of work is not a bad thing.

The ‘eeewww’ moment of the day was craft service setting out leftover pizza (last night’s Domino’s) drenched in ranch dressing – we figure it had to be a joke.

Please tell me it was a joke.

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7 Responses

  1. You don’t like cold pizza?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope your next gig is bigger budget. Cold pizza with Ranch dressing? Ugh.
    Want to wish you a Merry Christmas. A friend gave me the LAT story and I sat down and read your entire blog.
    I’m a retired female below-the-liner and your writing style is really good. You ‘capture’ it.
    Anyway – Happy Holidays.

  3. sissyfuss says:

    it’s been a while but the only thing worse than your cold pizza w/raunch dressing is 3rd meal.

  4. BTL says:

    Okay, this is weird. I write a blog eerily similar to yours. I think we’re living parallel lives; different coasts, different departments, but it’s still the same old cold pizza (except it’s colder here in New York).

  5. genius says:

    you’ve got to stop thinking like a UPM, they are already screwing you with that bullshit 14 hour deal, they should get buried with OT!!!
    PS, sorry about the language but it’s been a long year…

  6. Lil costumer says:

    There should be a law against seving the same food twice , I have been fed bad food … but thats the worst.
    By the way , just started reading your blog ( after L.A. times article )it’s great. I am a 21 year industry veteran … I have a few good stories.

  7. RJ says:

    There should be a law against serving Domino’s PERIOD. But maybe that’s just my East Coast Pizza superiority kicking in.


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