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When’s a late call not a late call?

When I have to drive into the San Fernando Valley at rush hour.

I’ve got a 9:30 am call (which is late – probably because of the Golden Globes last night), but since my commute will take me along the ridiculously traffic-clogged 101 freeway, I have to leave at 8:15 (breakfast is a half-hour before call, and I always try to get there then. That way if I have a delay I’ve got some extra time. No delay, and I get to take my time and eat).

Actually, I’m surprised (but very, very happy) to be working at all in January – and since it’s currently pretty cold in Los Angeles (last night, parts of the city were in the low 30’s), I’m doubly happy that I’ll be working on a stage today.

This particular best boy usually only calls me when he needs a condor operator (being 80 feet up in the air when the temperature is below 40 sucks, and I was nervously eyeing my cold-weather gear, wondering if it would hold up), so guess I’d say I have triple happiness about the stage. It’s always good knowing that I’m not going to freeze solid and will have access to the bathrooms and the crafty table.

Whenever I’m this happy before 8 am, the day’s either totally great or goes horribly wrong.

I’m betting on great, since I really like the guys on this crew.

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5 Responses

  1. grip chick says:

    I know the feeling.
    Try having a 9am call in the Valley (or heaven forbid, Santa Clarita!) when you live in Orange County. I have to leave before 7 & still dont get breakfast sometimes.

    Did you hear Anthony Hopkins’ award speech last night?
    He thanked each department by name- grips, electrics, props, “transport”, etc.
    Then he said something about the “guys” who haul around all that heavy cable. My boyfriend sat up real quick & said “AND girls!!” & then looked at me like he had said something truly amazing.
    Good boy, honey.

  2. christopher says:

    how funny grip girl. my first thought when hopkins said that was of you and peggy thinking “i know at least a couple of women who don’t resemble that remark…”

  3. Peggy Archer says:

    Hahaha!! That’s great!

    I didn’t see it, but at least he’s thanking the crew! So many of them don’t.

    And Christopher – I’m glad you thought of us :)

    So, the real question is: Are we (as women in the industry) even halfway there?

  4. Merujo says:

    It was in the low 30’s?!? Crap! I’m coming out to L.A. next weekend, and I was hoping for a wee break from major coldness. Alas!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey — I wondered if that was you on SFS! I was standing around on your set for a few days. It was fun to read your perspective. See ya on the next one…

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