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What is it with me and catering trucks lately?

Thursday, I got food poisoning again. This time, I think it was the sausage.

I showed up for work at the LA Port (where they’d turned an old cruise ship terminal into JFK, since it’s impossible to shoot in an airport anymore), and since I got there about 10 minutes before call time, I ate off the buffet instead of ordering from the truck (since the chefs in the truck make everything to order, this can take a few minutes and is not an option if you’re cutting it close).

I was fine for about three hours, and then I started not feeling so good.

Luckily, it hit after we’d finished lighting our big shot, so I figured I’d throw up whatever it was while we were sitting around, be fine afterwards, then go back to work and no one would be the wiser – except that this time, I got dehydrated and collapsed as I was trying to wrap cable (I was afraid to drink anything in case I threw it up on set).

After a gentle admonition from my boss (“You really should tell me if you’re sick”), some fluids and a nap in the truck, the medic sent me home just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic.

Amazingly, I felt well enough this morning to come into work (at the stage again), and aside from the medic watching me like a hawk (“What did you have for lunch?” “How much water have you had?” “No, you may not have coffee.”), which I appreciated (good to know someone cares – even if it was just because he didn’t want to peel me off the floor again), the day went fine, although I had to pass over some of the yummier-looking stuff that crafty put out.

I’m glad I went into work today – they added a day tomorrow, so I’ll get three days this week, which will just about cover what I spent in Vegas.

Yesterday: Call time: 6:30 am
Wrap time: 8:30 pm (although I got sent home around 5 pm)

Today: Call time: 8:30 am
Wrap time: 10:00 pm

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not to gloss over your bout with food poisioning, but is it true that really no production, even a small one, can reasonably expect to receive permits to shoot in an airport terminal? I mean clearly LAX and JFK are out of the question… but what about SFO’s international terminal or the smaller airports in the LA area (I could have sworn I saw Burbank on screen the other day)?

    I love the blog, btw.

  2. Justin says:

    Damn, that’s pretty hardcore.

    Keep on rockin’

  3. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I believe that there’s an entire airport terminal in Montreal that’s closed down and available for film shoots.

  4. Peggy Archer says:

    Anon – due to current security regulations, it’s such a huge pain in the ass to shoot in a working airport that it’s pretty much not worth it to shoot there.

    There are airport mock-ups on various stages around the city; but I’m sure it would be easier to shoot at a smaller airport (although Burbank’s not so small anymore). LAX is impossible now – it was a pain even before the new world security happened.

    Blogger’s fucking up again, of course. The comment moderation feature’s still kind of buggy, so bear with me if it loses your comment.

    What I want is the ability to pre-approve folks to comment.

    Damn Blogger.

    Oh, and thanks for the well wishes.. I do feel better! I’m drinking coffee right now!

  5. Iain Baker says:

    Ouch, how can anyone get food poisoning so many times? If I were you I would be seriously considering “packed lunches”. I think you have been successful in putting me off catering trucks for life! yuck!

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