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A side of the film industry most people never see.

No good will come of this, I fear.

I love me some Fug Girls. I think they’re smart, funny and I enjoy the hell out of their site, but sometimes I worry about them.

I was at a trunk show (where a designer shows the new clothes for the upcoming seasons in a retail store while onlookers eat mini-quiches and drink bad chardonnay) last night with The Supermodel, and saw something that I fear will lead to one of my beloved Fug Girls climbing into a bell tower with a rifle.

Which I must admit could be fun, but innocent people might get nasty blood stains on their white formal shorts.

That’s right. Formal shorts. They’re not going away anytime soon.

I’m sorry girls. I hate them too – but I’m sad to say it gets worse.

This particular designer upped the ante by accessorizing the formal shorts/hippie shirt/dominatrix boot ensembles (dammit, why did I forget my camera) with drapery ties, worn around the necks as pendants.

I’m not kidding.

Oh, Heather. Oh, Jessica.

Please don’t do anything rash.

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One Response

  1. lizriz says:

    I refuse to accept this clothing trend as real.

    First of all, I had a shorts suit in the early 90s, and if that’s not reason enough not to go there, I don’t know what is.

    Dress shorts and heels looks stupid. No amount of catwalk can change my mind!!!

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