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A not so damp Sunday afternoon.

So it didn’t rain on the picket, after all.

Forum Picket

In addition to the nice folks in Local 33 (I’ve not met too many of them, and this picket was a great chance to help out and make some new friends), there were quite a few folks from other unions there, including some wonderful people from the Hollywood Park race track.

There were enough folks there to cover all entrances to the Forum (no small feat), and to look good for the news cameras.

Forum Picket

A standard management tactic for pickets is to have goons trying to look threatening while taking pictures of the picketers. These guys were videotaping us, although this one refused to smile when I took his photo (very unsporting of him, if you ask me).

Forum picket

Did I mention that picket lines are fun?

So, what Local 33 would like all of you Madonna concert goers to do is to not buy concessions inside the venue – Most of the money you spend on shirts, posters, hot dogs and beer goes directly to the management who’ve locked out workers.

If you feel you just can’t live without that Madonna poster, shirt, cap, or bottle of wine (no, I’m not kidding), please go to and buy your merchandise there. It’s the same stuff they’re selling in the venue, but you’ll get a better price, you won’t have to schlepp it all night and you’ll be helping out some good folks.

If you’re driving into the parking lot, please roll down your window and take a flyer and one of the really cool bead necklaces they’re giving out!

If you wanted to picket but just couldn’t make it Sunday, there will be pickets for the remainder of Madonna’s shows at the Forum.

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  1. I’m there in spirit, if not in body! Give ’em hell!!

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