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Friday fluff and photo

The last few posts have been kind of angry, so here’s something a bit more positive.

I’ve been renting a lot of movies over the hiatus, and these are some of the ones that I’ve really enjoyed:

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill – Cutest birdies ever!

Chappelle’s Show – Season two was way better than season one, but they were both funny as hell.

The Towering Inferno – Best disaster movie ever, and especially amazing when you consider that there were no digital effects back then.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room – It’s not often that a movie pisses me off so much that I throw things at the television. I remember those blackouts. It was boiling hot and we were working on a TV show that was shooting at the Culver lot. We had to rent a generator and run cable because lot management couldn’t tell us if we were going to lose power, or how much warning we’d have if it did go out. Did I mention that it was boiling hot and when the stage power went out, so did the air conditioners?

Airport 77 – Second best disaster movie ever, but it scared me more than Towering Inferno – my dislike of flying is well-documented and watching this didn’t help one bit.

And a photo:

Idol Worship

In front of the Kodak Theater – this is the red carpet madness of American Idol. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in the country who doesn’t care about this TV show.

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16 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    …You’re not the only person who doesn’t care about that stupid show. Certainly says a lot about the public that more people voted for it than vote in real, important elections.

  2. I agree with the first comment. I have NEVER watched the show in my life. In fact, I dislike all of those reality TV shows (with the exception of Rock Star INXS…That show was fun…)

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are certainly not the only person!

    Actually, I care deeply, in the way that I care if I see litter defacing a mountain clearing and can’t do a thing to get rid of it… – Christina

  4. CJ says:

    Actually, the show receives more VOTES than any US President has. Not voters. You are allowed to vote as many times as you can on American Idol. So don’t loose hope. Well, not too much of it anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    American Idol? I’d sooner watch the washing machine.

    Iron Rails & Iron Weights

  6. Spike says:

    We have Australian Idol and I’d rather have my teeth scraped.

  7. Hi, my name is Jaime and I read your blog religiously! I also work in the film industry but I’m just a PA for now.
    Here is my Blog:

    Btw, Idol is ok, not as in to it as I was when the first seasons started.

  8. i could care less as well, although, i did predict that grey haired guy was going to win at the beginning of the season…weird huh?

  9. the only good thing that came out of A.I. was that some friends of mine got paid an ass load to build it.

  10. -K- says:

    Yes, “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” was a nice little movie with an especially nice ending.

    As for “AI”, a month ago I saw the guy who won at The Grove. He was spotted by every teenage girl there and was surrounded. He seemed very gracious and patient with all of them.

  11. Neil says:

    “The Towering Inferno” is one of the few places left where you root for OJ Simpson. One of my favorites!

    Please, movie studios, don’t make a re-make of it!

  12. Lost on location says:

    sometimes I look at a set and have to say WTF…

    01 12×12 Digital Blue (add outrageous Cost Here)
    11 20K fresnels (SAA)
    02 T12 fresnels (YEP HERE TOO)
    02 T12 Open eye (OH WHY NOT)

    watching all of this equipment Light One “Big Kahuna Burger”

  13. Anonymous says:

    Do you know your email address,
    is not working ?

  14. Peggy Archer says:

    Just so everyone knows – if you want to email me, you have to cut out the ‘remove this to mail me’.

    Then the email will work.

    It’s an old anti-spam trick.

    The addy is randomblogmail at yahoo dot com.

  15. Nathan says:

    Yah, those Enron bastards. That movie made me mad as hell. I remember how hard it was to try to pay the bills that summer (I was in the Bay Area and not on price-controlled public utility power, so I was getting bills for $300 a month, no joke).

    And I know they got time for what they did, but what the courts can’t seem to give them is a conscience. I think they genuinely don’t understand what they did was wrong.

  16. Joe Valdez says:

    Anyone whose mind can juggle disaster movies, Dave Chappelle and parakeets is obviously an evolved being. You have a wit that cuts glass and your observations are typically more honest than most blogs I read. Totally Unauthorized is a great blog. Keep it up!

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