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Another strange obsession to stop me from getting anything done

Part of living in a large city is seeing trash everywhere, and generally I don’t notice it at all, but for some reason there was a very noticeable collective couch throwing-out in Hollywood over the weekend.

In the space of two hours, I saw all these couches:






This is only five of them. In an area of about a square mile, I found 12 abandoned couches.


Of course, I’m going out today with my camera to see if any other neighborhoods have had the same thing happen.

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  1. Artis Longa, Vita brevis says:

    Well there it is. I’m doing a pro bone-o for a company I work with, and I get a call from the director asking for an old ghetto sofa. Silly me, I go out and buy one. When the producer sees he coulda saved $40 on a sofa my freeby career is over. Thanx alot!

  2. I heard Julia Roberts threw out her sofa, so of course now everybody HAS to throw out their sofa. You know how Hollywood is.

  3. hahaha — that’s crazy! I really need to carry a camera around, in case I see any random couch-fests

  4. Mark says:

    Just happens to be International Put a Couch on the Curb Week, sponsored in LA by Local 44 and in New York by Local 52.

  5. Meg says:

    Was today (Monday) trash day? In my community we have a day for the “Big Item” pickup-if you make arrangements in advance, they send a truck for stuff like couches and appliances. However, most people just dump their couches out in the Mojave, leaving what I call Desert Furnishings. You can find all kindsa stuff out near Lancaster and Palmdale (just outside of the 30 mile zone, hee hee)

  6. That second couch is exactly what I have been looking for!

    Too bad I’m in Oklahoma.

    Perhaps it’s “Big Trash” day-the day you can set just about anything on your curb and the city will pick it up?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Come on down to Venice! I’m looking out my dining room window and there are three across the street…

  8. Patrick says:

    Throwing a sofa out is simply a bi-product of a benadryl/flintstone vitamin overdose. It happens when you mix the ether and darvocets.

    There is simply no sense to it, but watch it happen sometime. The sofa executioner simply mumbles confused dialect.

    Hilarious…nice photos.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Man, are you bored ! Hope work picks-up soon.

  10. Erin says:

    Why are most of these couches stripped and naked–meaning without cushions. Any ideas on alternate uses for couch cushions?

  11. I guess the days of the proverbial casting couch are really over. So much for sleeping your way to the top.

  12. Anonymous says:

    At least they’re all fairly ratty looking. What I cannot understand is when people throw out perfectly decent-looking furniture.

    Iron Rails & Iron Weights

  13. Anonymous says:

    The reality, actually, is that school is over. When school is out, people decide it is a good time to move to a new apartment. And children tend to be hard on furniture. It’s often easier to just buy a new one and throw the old one out on the curb. Hollywood doesn’t have a day, you have to call and have the trash people come and get it. Unfortunately, if the person who put it on the curb moved out, they probably didn’t bother to call. The forlorn couch will sit there until the landlord calls or someone complains about it. The trash people are supposed to report it if they see it, but that means they have to come back and pick up a trashed couch, so it doesn’t happen as often as it prrobably should.

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