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A complete waste of time

Today, I had a mandatory interview with the unemployment people. I had to demonstrate that I was looking for work, since they’re trying to weed out… well, I don’t know who exactly they’re trying to weed out, but I had to go to a work center in Hollywood to have an interview about my ‘ongoing job search’.

I got lucky, as the counselor wasn’t completely ignorant about film production (some of them are – I’ve had some excruciating telephone interviews before) and just ticked off that I’d attended the interview, checked my ID and told me that I have to put a resume in the online database.

Me: “Please don’t take offense, but you do understand that this is completely pointless, right?”

Him: “Yeah, but everyone has to do it anyway. If you’re an actor, just put in ‘actor’ and how long you’ve been working and it’s fine. They just want to see a resume, or you’ll be denied benefits.”

Really now – what sort of resume am I going to have? “Work History: Cable monkey, occasional craft service pirate”. I’m not even sure I had a resume back when they were still relevant. Nowadays if a producer wants to verify your work history, they look at your IMDB listing.

I did, however, enjoy sitting in the air-conditioning while I wrote and uploaded my joke resume (“Work History: Set Lighting Technician, 1994 to present”). It was hot as hell today.

Tonight, it’s Subject Line Here, a performance where a group of fantastic bloggers are reading works, and the best part is that all proceeds go to the Leukemia/Lymphoma society.

Couch of the day:


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6 Responses

  1. genius says:

    I hate everything about unemployment, except of course the checks, but I LOVE the couch of the day!!!

  2. Melinda says:

    The important thing is that you got A/C on someone else’s dime. I hid in the office today but all I heard from co-workers was how incredibly hot it was out today.

    But more importantly, I am totally on the couch of the day bandwagon! More couches!

  3. Sal says:

    Glad you got through the unemployment interview OK. I was surprised at how understanding my interviewer was when I went in. Hope you get a work call soon so you don’t have to go again.

    Love the couches!

  4. “occasional craft service pirate.”

    Arrrrr, avhast ye scoundrels. Give up yer lox or I’ll run me cutlass through ye!

    Love the couch of the day and I’m jealous because the furniture left on the corners of the City of Angels are superior to those left on the streets of San Francisco.

    The couches that you photograph actually make me want to flip a coin as to whether I would take them home.

  5. Joe Valdez says:

    Better to be an unemployed cable monkey than an unemployed cable repairman.

    By the way, has anyone considered that the sofas could be a sign of the apocalypse? I’m pretty sure I remember that from Sunday school.

  6. StumpyFinger says:

    I hope you get a call soon. I would pull you onto my current cable monkey business if I could but I am unfortunately not the bestboy and crew size is locked for the next 4 months. And don’t worry. There are no pulley’s on this show. ;)

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