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A more exciting weekend than usual

Saturday night’s Subject Line Here was great – an incredibly talented group of folks reading some awesome material, and I finally got to meet the people whose lives I’ve been reading about for ages. As I left, I had the feeling that I’d spent the evening with some old friends, which in a way I had.

Sunday, Anthony Bourdain was signing books at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market – I’m a HUGE fan, and am deeply ashamed to admit that I completely geeked out and probably made an ass of myself. Hey, at least I picked a fellow fan of Hunter S. Thompson and someone who’s written some terrific books, right?

After the Farmer’s Market, I walked around the corner to The Hungry Cat, where I met a friend for lunch and ordered a delicious crab frittata which unfortunately made me sick for the rest of Sunday and most of today. I’ll still go back though. That place rocks, although I think I’ll avoid dishes containing egg in the future.

Couch of the day:


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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential indeed was a terrific book. It’s really cool you got to see him in person.

    Iron Rails & Iron Weights

  2. Charli says:

    I’m gonna start calling you the Couch Lady, lol.


  3. Mark says:

    I am also a huge fan of Tony Bourdain. I’ve read all his books and have watched his shows on TV for the past five years. I love his irreverence.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Bourdain specifically warn against eating frittata when you go out for brunch?

  5. ecco21 says:

    I saw a couch on hawthorne today and thought of you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Bourdain specifically warn against eating frittata when you go out for brunch?

    I don’t remember about frittata specifically, but he did have a pretty low opinion about brunch menus in general.
    Two things he warned about were ordering seafood on Mondays and anything vinagrette. Not long after reading the book, I flew down to Florida to visit my mother. We went out for dinner at a decent Italian place, and as we were waiting to place our order I told her about the seafood-on-Monday and the vinagrette warnings. Moments later the waitress came over to take our order, and she recited the specials of the day. First up was Salmon Vinagrette.
    And yes, it was a Monday.

    Iron Rails & Iron Weights

  7. Its just uncanny how much abandoned furniture there is. Maybe Angelina Jolie ought to adopt a loveseat to call attention to this horrible plight?

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