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A side of the film industry most people never see.

So it’s come to this…

For the next five (or six, I’m not sure anymore) weeks, I’m going to be putting up holiday lights at a studio*.

I’m working with a bunch of guys whom I’ve never met before, but who all are really cool and it’s a fun group, but basically I’m a glorified gardener right now.

A gardener who’s making union scale plus a night premium, so I certainly can’t complain (okay, I can complain about being attacked by a bougainvillea that wasn’t in the holiday spirit – I never realized that those things had half-inch long thorns, and apparently they don’t enjoy being draped in lights).

The hours aren’t so bad – 2:30 pm to 1 am. We’re working a nights because our presence is upsetting to the important folks – after all, everyone wants to read the great American novel, but no one wants to watch the room full of chain-smoking monkeys typing away.

*I’m not going to name it, as I’m currently an employee of the studio and not a production, and I’m not certain what the policy on blogs is, so let’s all just keep our guesses to ourselves, shall we?

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9 Responses

  1. K.Leigh says:

    I was wondering when L.A. was goign to get more light pollution. We’re really slacking off–I almost saw a star last night.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Night Premium…we lost that in our contract decades ago.

  3. she said: says:

    I drove for hours once trying to get out of the LA light pollution. Never made it.

    Can’t get used to the Christmas lights thing yet, even though somewhat of a neighbor already has them up, right along side of their Halloween decorations.

  4. Wen says:

    Chain smoking monkeys. Heh.

    At least you’re not draping lights over jumping cholla. Or the TBN building in Orange County.

  5. Meg says:

    Wow! 5 or 6 weeks at the same job? That’s almost a lifetime in studio worker years (grin)

  6. Anonymous says:

    In Set Dec(on a highly rated TV series), we get to doll up some stage for the production Christmas party. It’s not unlike putting up streamers in the gym for the prom, and, despite a somewhat larger budget, the end product is depressingly similar…

  7. Lost on Location says:

    It is of Paramount importance that this not be revealed as Mr. Warner has a universal policy that employees don’t have blogs but there could always be a Fox on the site hunting for just this kind of stuff. Then there was the Bulletin about just such a place and how Magical they could make the trees and walkways look at the festivus time of year.
    Mele Kalikimaka

    It is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.

  8. Carly says:

    You’re working my dream job!

  9. Steve says:

    The best way to handle bougainvillea is with a pair of those leather welding gloves that go right up to the elbows. That’s what my Dad always did when he was pruning ours.

    They also come in handy for holding the cat when it doesn’t want to take its medication.

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