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Happy New Year! Here’s a bunch of photos!

I’m always glad that The Supermodel is another early riser, but never more so than today. A group of us had planned to go to the viewing of the Rose Parade floats today (they display them the day after the parade every year), and when I called around at 8 am most folks wanted to go later in the day, after they’d had some coffee and read the paper.

“They’re nuts”, snapped The Supermodel, who does this every year. “By noon, that place is going to be packed tighter than a Tijuana donkey show. We go early or we don’t go at all.”

Evil morning person that I am, that was fine with me. Our plans went a little awry when we got stuck in traffic and didn’t get there until 10 am – a full hour after we’d wanted to show up, but the crowd level was still manageable.

Please enjoy some photos:





Cat and Dog lovefest

Rose Fish

The whole series (60 photos chosen from about 250 taken- I could have uploaded more, but I’m hungry and want to go eat), is here.

 The really cool thing about this was that each float had it’s own docent – members of the build and operation teams – who were happy to answer questions about what the materials were, how the floats are constructed (steel frame, wire mesh, bedsheets and a shitload of glue), and what it’s like to drive the floats:

Show and Tell

If you find yourself around Pasadena this time next year, I highly recommend this.

I also recommend taking The Supermodel’s excellent advice. Get there early or don’t bother:
This was taken about 11:00. I’m told that if you don’t get there before noon, you run the risk of not getting a ticket, and as we were leaving I was having problems getting good photos because of the crowding – although everyone there was incredibly nice and trying to clear sight lines if they saw someone aiming a camera.

Fun stuff.

I even got video of the city of Burbank’s float. All of the other floats were turned off, but someone on Team Burbank decided to power up their float so the spectators could see it move and hear the music.

I laughed until I cried at this:

There’s also a 30 second long version here:

 Well worth the sore feet (and sore sides from laughing at that damn Burbank float. That dog rocking back and forth just killed me).

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2 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    These are beautiful! Thanks so much for posting them–I was working and totally missed the parade!

  2. Meg says:

    It is amazing when you see the floats up close and personal. Somehow, you just don’t get the scale on TV. But damn the fine SoCal weather and beautiful floats, you -KNOW- that there’s a buncha people in snow-covered climes that will want to move here, due to the annual Chamber of Commerce Romance of the Roses (but secretly, I still love watching the parade!) My town entered the Turtle float.

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