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Yet more low-budget beatdown

I don’t work on too many horror movies – not by design, just by chance I’ve only worked on one before. Mostly I think it’s because horror movies tend to be extremely low budget (which I try to avoid if at all possible. As I’ve mentioned before, the lower the budget the harder the show is on the working crew), and this one is no exception. Today was our first day of shooting in one of LA’s older neighborhoods full of beautiful Craftsman style homes dating from the turn of the last century.

This show is so low budget that there’s not even a caterer. There was only a nice lady who showed up in her minivan and put out chafing dishes for us for breakfast and lunch. We also don’t have a rigging crew. Lighting and grip had to come in two hours before everyone else to rig the house, and we had to stay for about an hour afterwards to wrap everything.

Our call time: 6:30 am

Crew call: 8:30 am

Camera wrap: 9:30 pm

We finished at 10:45 pm

I’m insane I’m so tired (I’ve been doing mostly rigging the past year and I’m not used to the hours anymore), and we’ve got 10 hour turnaround and have to be at the abandoned hospital at 8:45 tomorrow morning. The really fucked up part is that we’re on a Sunday-Thursday schedule and everyone kept thinking today was Monday.

Nope. Tomorrow’s Monday. I mean Tuesday, or… oh, fuck it. I have no idea what day it is right now.

It’s okay, though – this is a terrific crew who are a lot of fun, and I’m not on for the whole show, just when they need an extra guy, so I’m only on four days this week.

Today, the guy playing our villain (who, BTW, is a terrifically nice guy) turned to one of the grips and said “I look like the Hamburglar, don’t I?” We all had to agree that in his trench-coat and hat he did indeed resemble the Hamburglar from the old McDonald’s ads.

So now, the entire crew are calling this movie Homicidal Hamburglar – 2. Because, you know, Homicidal Hamburglar 1 did well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel.

My brain cells are going on strike and I’m off to bed.

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4 Responses

  1. At my old job we used to qualify things with ‘My’, as in “Sunday is my Monday”. It helped keep things in perspective so we didn’t get confused about the days and also so others could commiserate about how much longer your week was.

    Sadly, I just might go see a movie called Homicidal Hamburglar 2, but only at a matinee.

  2. wen says:

    Didn’t you hear that Sunday is the new Monday?

    Also, if it’s the hospital in Boyle Heights make sure you wear a mask and gloves. I got very very sick there. (like out of work for 2 months sick) Be careful.

    Peggy sez: It is the one in Boyle Heights, and our boss has already warned us to wear long sleeves and the masks he’s gotten for us. I usually keep my gloves on at work anyways because I don’t like getting my hands all nasty.

  3. Meg says:

    “Catered by the Nice Neighborhood Lady in the Minivan” LOL Yup, that’s how the credits will read.

  4. Jedediah says:

    I always wondered if you ever worked on shitty low budget crap. I had kind of hoped you didn’t, and that this union upper crust I’m just breaking into would mean the end of those shows. If you think today was long, just wait until the last night (and it always seems to be a night) when they have to make up for all the stuff they’ve missed for a week and a half in one night/morning. Oh, and wait until they fire minivan lady and you get our guy from the mutant swamp eel movie, the one who pulls up in a pickup with the disposable warmer trays already set up in the back.

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