Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

Only other set lighting folks will think this is funny.

I’ll post some more photos tomorrow, but for today, here’s a special one just for the other juicers out there. On the hamburglar show, we had a 1400 amp plant, and Friday, we were pulling 8 amps.

You can get 8 amps out of a wall outlet.

I think the most we ever pulled was 400 amps. This is what happens when you light a show with Kino Flos.

For the non-juicers out there, normally we have a problem with overloading generators, so to see us pulling this little power out of one is funny as hell.

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  1. Newsguy says:

    Here’s one I heard from a Hollywood Scenic Artist.

    Siegel and Kozlowski were working on set and Siegel is getting very tired painting a backing. So he says to his partner, Kozlowski, “I know what I’ll do. I’m going to climb up into the grid and pretend I’m one of the lights.” Then when the art director comes around he’ll think I’m crazy and he’ll send me home.

    So he does it. He climbs up into the grid.

    Pretty soon the art director appears and sees Siegel up in the grid. Asks him what he’s doing there. Siegel says, “Well, I’m a light. I’m a pin spot. And the art director says, “You’re crazy, climb down out of there and go home.”

    So Siegel climbs down and walks off the set. And Kozlowski begins to follow. Art director says, “Hey, where you going?”

    And Koszloski says, “I’m going home. I can’t work without lights.”

    Peggy sez: Hehehehe!

  2. eecue says:

    Were they shooting video? Do they do the color correction in camera? The kino flos are much colder, color temperature wise, than hot lights.

    Peggy sez: Actually, it’s not got anything to do with color temperature (a measurement of the color of light – someone remind me to explain it in detail), it’s how much electricity they use. Kino Flos don’t use a lot of power.

  3. boskolives says:

    Funny but not that rare. I’ve been on several shoots where the Genny is used to keep the coffee hot and nothing else, also seen a few where it was used by the Hair folks to use a blow dryer, about the same amp wise as the coffee maker.
    Weigh that agains the shows with no generator where we are running off house power (usually about 20 amps per wall) and running stingers all over the house to borrow amps from different rooms, gotta laugh at that until the FSO arrives and frowns upon it.

  4. boskolives says:

    Oops, I forgot to explain that the FSO is the fire safety officer who can shut a show down for safety violations. Or if his coffee is cold and he’s (or she’s) having a bad day.

  5. Molly Mayhem says:

    But but but! You didn’t balance your load!


  6. Stan says:

    I never knew those portable generators they use for the movies do three-phase. Yow.

  7. DMX_512 says:

    Where was that plant last week when were burning 1030 amps and the gaffer asked if we have anymore lights…”Yeah, we got lights…and no power… and make sure the coffee maker gets put on black!!!”

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