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Mid-week mailbag!

By popular demand of the commenters, Sheila ( ) wins the CD, mainly because she’s trapped doing other people’s taxes and is probably banging her head against the wall right now and hey, why not bang your head to the dulcet tones of Corey Feldman and his swingin’ orchestra? Sheila, email me (randomblogmail at yahoo dot com) your snail mail and I’ll send you the CD.

Anyways, I thought I’d take the time I have today (since I have to work tomorrow) to answer some questions that keep getting repeatedly asked in emails:

1. Peggy, I hate the new blog because I can’t comment anonymously anymore. The WordPress software wants my name and email and I don’t want to give it!

It would be just a tad hypocritical of me to disallow anonymous comments, wouldn’t it? Hmmm? Just ignore the ‘name’ and ’email’ fields, type in your comment and it’ll show up after it’s approved. Trust me – why would I lie to you? I don’t even know you.

2. How come you don’t write about dating and your indie projects anymore? I want to read more about that.

Well, due to my having reached the conclusion that all men are complete jackasses (unless you’re reading the blog, and then you’re a prince among toads, baby), I haven’t been dating lately. Plus, I’m turning into an angry old crank, which may make for a great deal of fun at cocktail parties, but is generally not considered a desirable trait in Hollywood.

While there are two indie projects happening right now, they’re both in the writing stages, which is certainly nerve-wracking for me but doesn’t make very good blog reading.

I just sit at the computer, talk to myself, and bounce ideas off the cat:

Me: “I’m totally stuck. If Catherine’s outside waiting on the valet after her mani/pedi when Heathcliff pulls up in his BMW, it’ll totally blow the surprise of her finding out in act three after they have the hot grudge sex that he’s regained his fortune by opening Tae-Bo franchises all over the country and dealing cocaine to socialites on the side for the past five years.”


Me: “You’re right, that’s completely preposterous. Heathcliff would never drive a German car”.

3. Peggy, I want to do what you do! How do I break in to the world of film production? How did you do it?

Honestly, I don’t know how I managed it. Luck and being in the right place at the right time, I guess. It’s a catch-22, since really low budget stuff doesn’t pay enough money to live on, but you can’t have another job and work 90 hour weeks on some movie. I really wish I had a good answer to this question, but unfortunately I don’t.

4. If you could do your life over again, would you still have this job?

I love my job and I’m always happy to go to work, but looking back, I don’t know if I’d do it again or not. Probably, but then again I might also choose a more financially stable line of work. You know, like scraping puke off of carnival rides or clubbing baby seals.

Nah. Even going back and knowing then what I know now, I’d still do it again. I’d just invest in better shoes a lot earlier on than I did this time around. I’m pretty sure that standing on set 17 hours a day while wearing Chuck Taylors is what fucked up my feet.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ride my bike until I’m tired enough to fall asleep at 8 pm – I have to get up at 4  in the morning.

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6 Responses

  1. Garry_s says:

    I was an angry old crank at my old job. Believe me, it isn’t just an undesireable trait in Hollywood.

  2. JCW says:

    You’re a good woman Peggy. GetSheila will find being the owner of a CD actually touched by the great Corey Feldman himself to be a life changing experience. She’ll prop it up at the table during meal times and chat with it. She’ll take it into the bath and playfully dob it’s hard plastic cover with bubbles whilst sipping champagne. Come Spring, she’ll take it for long walks through fields of daisies all the while reciting poetry.

    Yes Peggy, today you’ve done a wonderful thing for a fellow human being and a hard piece of plastic – they will be very happy together.

  3. Dave2 says:

    But my Batman Chuck Taylors LOOK SO COOL!

    I think fucked up feet are a small price to pay for looking awesome in a pair of Chucks! :-)

  4. getsheila says:

    I would like to thank Hollywood for churning out entertainment that requires Peggy’s lighting skills. To all two of you who voted for me — JCW and Meg — thank you for your support. Without you, I would be nothing. And to everyone else nominated in my category (especially boskolives…100! My stars!), I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath with you. I am not worthy.

    But will be providing my snail-mail address anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know – I’ve been in theatre for over 20 years. Live theatre. But 3 years ago I took a job on a film shoot on location for the craft service dept. supposedly for only a day! they liked my work so much they wanted to hire me full time. My daughter was in high school at the time and I didn’t feel right 5 days a week so I said,” Sure But I can only give you thursdays and fridays ” My boss said ,” OK ”
    I ‘m still here two days week and this is our third season. And you know those two days are pretty damn close to a full time job! I love the people and I met a really handsome guy whom I fell in love with. I still work in theatre and the thing is, I’m an electrician in the theatre. I’m crafty in the film world. I always try to find the folks like you when it’s snack time. I am not always successful- but I try. Our truck is always kinda-nearby.
    I call it ” Livin the dream”. Film or live theatre. Show business is a different kind of life than the 8-5 m-f gig . I’m sure I would do the same again. I’m like you buy the good shoes.

  6. GetSheila says:

    I received the CD. Thanks! It totally lives up to my expectations and is everything I thought it would be.

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