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Internets catch-up day!

So today, we’re on a stage and are in the same lighting set-up all day (some dude, talking about something I don’t care about while standing in front of a white cyc. We won’t have much to do until it’s time to wrap, and we’ll be here late because he keeps. blowing. his. fucking. lines.), and of course I had to bring my laptop to work (because I’m the best boy today and naturally I have to do all the invoice paperwork on the computer to make it all fancy and shit to impress… well, someone) so I can finally sit here, hiding behind the carts where the agency folks can’t see me, and catch up on all the blogs that I love to read but usually don’t have time for!


UPDATE: I must have latched onto some cheese somewhere along the line because now I’m trapped in the stage and have gotten all gassy (it’s not fair. I love cheese. Why does it hate me? Why?). Luckily no one knows I’m the culprit since I’m hiding behind the carts.

On the good side, we’ve had about half an hour trimmed off our wrap time because the next show coming in wants to use our spacelights, so we’ll leave those hanging and just wrap the cable on the floor.

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  1. boskolives says:

    Your cheese issue sounds like Lactose Intolerance, this is when you can’t digest the lactic acids found in dairy stuff. It’s common when people reach a certain age (no offense), or perhaps have eastern European ancestry. Most pharmacy’s have over the counter stuff that will have Lact…. in the name like Lactaid or such, usually pills you can take before eating milk related items (cheese, icecream, pizza….) and by using them you can avoid or reduce the flamable output.
    In the meantime, just try to stay downwind, if you get my drift….

  2. Meg says:

    Speaking of Best Boys, where does the term originate? My husband has been/is currently Best Boy Grip, but nobody seems to know why they are called Best Boys, even if they are Best Girls (g) Most of the terminology is easy to figure out (Grip, Gaffer, etc) but Best Boy? And Good Luck with that cheese problem.

  3. Meg says:

    Answering my own question-went to Wikipedia (duh) and found the answer. Figures that it would be Old English, and not very interesting.

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