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Oh, the things I learn from Google

WordPress has a great feature that allows me to see the search terms people typed in at Google which led them to my blog.

Some are predictable (“lighting tech blog”), some are funny (“Disco Fogger, Trader Joes vomit, teamster joke”), and some are just confusing (“Academy Award Speech generator, pre-paid cell phone rates, jennifer aniston nosejob”).

That last one is really confusing, given that I’ve never even mentioned Jennifer Aniston or her nose here – until now, I guess.

Oops. Guess after today it won’t be so confusing, huh?

Every once in a while, though, a search term makes me sit up and take notice: today I got “Terry Gilliam Wasp Factory Movie”

What? Terry Gilliam’s doing a movie of The Wasp Factory? I’d always thought of that book as an example of the “New UK Brutalism” genre, but I suppose it’s really a sort of morality play about, well, grey areas and the abuse of power.

Whatever, it’s an extraordinary and deeply disturbing book, and I hope that Gilliam, and extraordinary and deeply disturbing director, actually gets to have a go at it. .

I can’t find any mention of it on IMDB, so it’s probably a pipe dream – just like the ill-fated Good Omens movie (not a disturbing book, but a hilarious one. Okay, it is disturbing that someone can get that many laughs out of the Apocalypse) which Gilliam was also slated to direct.

Speaking of movies, if it’s playing somewhere near you, run – don’t walk – to see The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen). Some net-folk have dismissed it as just another “man bites dog” story, but I loved it. It’s incredibly well done (well shot, well directed, well acted, riveting to watch), and was so worth the extra money that the Arclight charges to see movies on weekends.

Tonight is the Media Bistro Blogger Party, and since I’m not working, I’ll probably go by for a while and say hi to some of the nice folks.

Speaking of work, I hadn’t been looking too hard, since there was a rumor of a TV pilot starting next week with my usual crew, but I just heard today that it’s not going to happen. Damn.

Guess this means I’m back to calling everyone I know, asking if they’re ‘picking up’.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, I’ll be reduced to dialing random numbers out of the union’s member directory, and then begging whoever answers the phone for work.

Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.

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8 Responses

  1. Dave2 says:

    It almost makes me want to start filming a television show. Then I can offer you a job so you don’t have to go through all that. :-)

  2. JohnC says:

    Have you ever gotten a job from this blog?

  3. Meg says:

    Begging works. My husband says that this is the best part time job he’s ever had (working as a grip.) But yeah, cold-calling is a tough gig. The show he worked off ‘n on for 5 years got cancelled early this season, so he’s dayplaying. Got 10 days shooting action scenes on a feature, so he’s busy now, but next week? Who knows…good luck atcha!

  4. Not4me says:

    I would think having this blog, that continues to gain in viewership among industry craftspeople, must be a terrific calling card when you are searching for work.

  5. not random says:

    I’d just like to reply to Not4me:
    Why would you think she should let people know who she is?
    I want to point out that her “calling card” could easily lose her jobs in the close mouthed world of Hollywood, especially because it is getting a wider readership of industry insiders.

  6. cybele says:

    My favorite search string lately is “how do you get M&Ms out of your nose” … because the internet is the first place I turn to solve a problem like that.

    Nice seeing you last night! I wish I could have heard stuff. (I left the bar and though … wow, West Hollywood is really quiet at night … nope, I’m just deaf now.)

  7. mike80 says:

    I just have to add this: “not random” is right on the money. I have seen technicians blackballed in this industry for reading books and for it becoming known that they had a writing career/hobby/ambition on the side, among other things. Best to keep your head down, mouth shut, and hide that you are too smart for your job, otherwise you will no longer have one.

  8. Meg says:

    Agree w/ not random and mike80. “They” don’t want to find out that the below the line crew has a brain (one of my favorite crew shirts reads “I’m Not Real Smart, But I Can Lift Heavy Things”) I know a Key Grip who has a Masters in Art History, but I doubt that anybody in Production knows of it.

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