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Another big half weekend

So, my Thursday went like this:

We came in early in the morning, thinking we were going to wrap out of the location and go home at a decent hour – only to be told that first unit hadn’t made the day (meaning they didn’t shoot everything that was on the schedule) and would be coming back that night to get the shots they missed.

The problem with this is that we had a “hard out” (meaning that we absolutely, positively had to be out of there) of 8 am. So, just coming back the next morning (Friday) wasn’t an option.

We were sent home (after about three hours), and told to come back 10 hours later – we’d have to work all night, wrapping the location gradually as first unit moved through the set-ups they needed.

I never, ever sleep well during the day. Especially not when I’ve just had a bunch of coffee and sugar because I thought I was going to wrap cable for 12 hours.


At least I managed (through a massive plate of pasta and a glass of wine) to get a nap – a few of the crew weren’t able to get any sleep at all.

We were all tired when I came in, and as the night went on, it got worse – all of us alternated between cranky and punchy, and at some point – I’m not sure when – I decided that the cable we’d laid down during the rig was breeding.

Me: “I think the cable’s having babies”

Co-worker: “What?”

Me: “I’m serious. Do you remember running this cable here? I don’t. It’s new”.

Co-worker: “You’re out of your mind. One of the guys probably did it.”

Me: “No.. no one can remember it -I’m telling you the cable’s having babies. That’s why we just can’t seem to wrap it all!”

Co-worker (rolling eyes): “You know what I think? I think that bundt cake on the crafty table is getting all stale and eaten. I’ve got to go rescue it.”

Me: “Check for nests!”

It took us 13 hours to wrap the stuff we needed to wrap (just the items that were in the one building – there was more cable on the other side of the street), and we came back on Saturday morning to finish up.

Since we got off work so late in the day Friday (after noon), I decided not to take a nap because I was afraid I’d fall asleep and wake up at 10 pm and then not be able to sleep for the rest of the night – then I’d have to be at work at 7 am on Saturday once again not having gotten any sleep, and that would really suck.

Some people seem to be able to function just fine without sleep, but I don’t do so well – I get slow and stupid and I have to be told the same thing several times before I comprehend.

So, I decided to stay awake until Friday night – I did laundry (where I think I lost my favorite hat in one of the washers, but I was so tired I very well could have eaten it and wouldn’t remember), weeded the garden, went to the grocery store (where I got crashed into by crazed yuppie housewives aggressively pushing shopping carts because of the aforementioned ‘slow and stupid’ thing), and washed the car.

I managed to stay up until about 7 pm Friday night, and slept until 5 am Saturday morning.

We worked a normal day on Saturday (although everyone was still really tired), and right now (about noon on Sunday), I’m trying to motivate myself to go get a massage, but I’m very tempted to just lay on the couch and watch bad weekend TV.

On second thought, I have to work all week next week – I think I’ll drag my ass out and get that massage.

My feet will thank me, I’m sure.

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4 Responses

  1. nezza says:

    Enjoy your massage!

  2. Lost on Location says:

    I was afraid after you said the cable seemed to be multiplying that some how a crew going in after you folks had laid in a pre rig and you were unknowingly wrapping their pre rig. glad to hear that was not the case. I think that is just a Film crew urban legend.


  3. getsheila says:

    Good decision. I had a massage on Saturday and I soooo needed it. I hate it when it hurts, but that means I really needed it. The agony and the ecstacy. Hope yours was all relaxing and melty.

  4. Charli says:

    Gurl friend, I feel your pain. Hope you get a massage. I got my first massage every last week, I talked the whole time. Couldn’t shut me up and the gal working on me was a peach, she cracked up the whole time. There was a point, when the gal got on my back legs and was pressing down on my shoulders, I wanted to say, “ride that pony, ride that pony” but I was afraid she’d laugh so hard that she’d fall off the table, she had already tripped once on me.

    Get your feet massage.

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