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A nice little vacation

I didn’t appreciate that holiday weekend like I probably should have (Friday: curl up on couch and whimper, Saturday: curl up on couch and whimper, Sunday: laundry, grocery shopping), and just because I didn’t make the most of it, this coming weekend is going to be another quickie.

We’re working Sunday, so my only day off will be Saturday – basically, what this means is that on my day off, I’ll wake up, do laundry, make a half-assed attempt to clean the house and then go back to bed.

So, knowing that I’ll only get one day off will probably make this week seem extra long (or maybe it’s because last week was extra-short), and I’m already starting out on the wrong foot.

Every other day we’ve been at our current location it’s been overcast and cool (okay, cold) all day. Except today, of course, which was the day I wore a long sleeved heavyish shirt and didn’t bring anything lighter weight with me. Today, the clouds burned off by 9 am, it got hot, and I roasted like a chicken all day while we ran cable in the sun.


At least I didn’t get sunburned.

I’m off to bed – I have to be at work at 6 am.

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One Response

  1. nezza says:

    I’m fed-exing you a stress relieving shoulder rub.

    And a housemaid.

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