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The sands, they were a blowing.

So, there’s this guy at the stage in Playa Vista (I don’t know which department he’s in), who drives his sports car to work every day, and once there lovingly covers it with a car cover so the nasty dusty parking lot won’t get it dirty.

I figured he was just really attached to his car, or maybe had a new paint job, and then didn’t think about it again until yesterday when there was a not-so-little sandstorm outside the stages. Now, there’s always dusty winds in Playa Vista due to construction, but this was a serious dust storm – the folks who got caught outside told us they couldn’t see three feet in front of them, and even though I didn’t go outside, I still spent the next few hours with grit in my teeth.

The winds blew part of the chain-link fence surrounding the offices over and blew this poor guy’s car cover clear across the parking lot (and since the car cover was still missing today, I’m guessing it eventually blew all the way to the ocean where it probably clobbered some poor surfer).

Now he’s just going to have to do what the rest of us do – drive a dirty car, although he still probably had the last laugh as at the end of the day his car was only a little bit dusty, unlike mine which is so filthy as to be unrecognizable – it was black, and now it’s a sort of streaky grayish brown*.

So, the first couple of hours today were spent trying to clean the 1/4 inch of dust and sand out of the trucks (and off the carts, and out of the truck that was closed up but still somehow got sand it it).

In fact, we spent most of the day on the truck, as it’s got to roll Monday morning – when you’re in the same location for a while, you don’t bother to tie things down – because there’s no need since the truck’s not going to move. After a few days, stuff accumulates and has to find it’s home before the truck moves (when stuff’s not tied down – like the coffeepot, the printer, lighting equipment, etc.. it flies around in the truck and breaks) , so that was most of the day – plus, we had to sort stuff that’s going to two different locations (total simultaneous rigs: four, plus the stage – I’m really surprised that my boss’ head hasn’t exploded yet).

On a happy note, I’ve got Sunday off now – yay weekend!

*For those of you not in Los Angeles – it’s a cardinal sin here to drive a dirty car. You can have a rusty old beater, but it had better be clean or you get dirty looks, and obscenities scrawled on the back window (or, if you’re very lucky, just a strategically placed ‘wash me’). In certain parts of town, a dirty car will get you followed by the police because you must be up to something.

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3 Responses

  1. Garry_s says:

    Last week when I was Los Angeles with my Girlfriend, she commented on how CLEAN all the cars were. You just explained it!

  2. Charli says:

    Our parking garage in our building has these windows, we live right across from the ocean, is the car ever sparkling? No. *$%#@ however, one piece of good news, living in Santa Monica we don’t have to drive much, so we drive to the cleaners, gas station, car wash, and grocery store. And yes, every freaking car out here is clean, except for the old car a few blocks down that looks like a chicken car. You heard me. God, wish I had my camera working, I’d send you a pic. You should do that, now that you’ve shown us all those weird sofas, you should start taking pictures of strange looking cars.

  3. nezza says:

    It’s a good job I don’t live there then. I haven’t cleaned my car since I’ve got it 9 months ago. (I don’t like going to car washes and I just haven’t got around to putting my own bucket and sponge into action for a while.)

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