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Beverly Hills Deer

This was one of four deer (two big ones, two little ones) who were watching us work while they dined on the homeowner’s expensive landscaping.

I’ve always heard tales about Los Angeles’ urban deer, but today was the first time I’ve actually seen one.

They weren’t all that afraid of us, either. They just kept eating and only looked alarmed if we got too close to them or made a lot of noise.

Right after I took this photo, they sauntered up the driveway, stopped briefly to sample the rental plants the set dressers had brought in, and then disappeared over the crest of the hill.

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4 Responses

  1. JD says:

    I did the tourist thing and went to Universal Studios about six months ago. We were on an observation deck over looking the lower lot and right below us was a little deer standing in some brush on a hill. We were convinced it was animatronic until it scampered off after about five minutes of being watched.

  2. Charli says:

    At UCSC after a fencing competition at night, we’d have to walk quietly passed the deer grazing on campus. Those Santa Cruz mountains had everything from deer to mountain lions, kinda odd. I remember seeing quail, too. I dunno, Peg, I like the keep the urban separated from the wild.

  3. nezza says:

    Beautiful! That’s pretty bold for a deer isn’t it? Even a city one!
    (We have a couple of ducks that seem to like hanging out on the main pathway into the building where I work. They just sit there for hours and manage somehow not to get trampled. There’s no pond or anything near by, so no idea what they find so great about that particular spot.)

  4. -k- says:

    A few years ago I nearly hit a deer one night on Mulholland but I guess that’s not so unusual for that area.

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