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I’m tired and I haven’t really felt like writing so far this week (but it’s only Tuesday, so hang in there).

Here’s a photo:


These are hydropars that we’d placed in the pool to light the beautiful exterior shot that turned out to be not so beautiful because it pissed rain all night the night they were supposed to shoot it.


After spending most of the rig sweltering and thinking how nice it would be to jump in the pool and cool off, I got a chance today when I had to retrieve the three shot bags (the blue things in the photo – they keep the lamps from moving around) we’d left in the deep end.

Of course, I went in with just the swimsuit I wear when I lap swim, and what I’d forgotten is that without a weight belt, it’s damn near impossible to get to the bottom of the pool (in this case, about 7 feet).

The suggestion was made that I should just dive in and use the momentum to get to the bottom, but that water was really cold and whenever I got my head underwater, I kept doing that gasp-y thing that you do when you’re really cold.

Not a good thing when your head’s under water.

So, I ended up floating in the water, trying to guide the hook my co-worker was throwing to try to catch the handle of the shot bags.

I’d like to thank my co-workers for not laughing at me where I could hear it.

We’re back at the stage tomorrow.

I’m off to bed – I have a 6 am call tomorrow.

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4 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    Shot bags down the front of your bathing suit would give you that “added ballast” (grin)
    Seriously though, don’t you worry about mixing water and electricity? Yes yes, I know that EVERY safety precaution is in place, but it creeps me out, the thought of electric lights in water. When my husband was on location in Thailand, they wanted him to stand in the river and hold a light. Hazard pay, they said, we’ll pay you hazard pay. He said not for all the baht in Thailand would he stand in the river holding a light. Mostly because of the dead water buffalo floating by, but also the electricity/water thing I mentioned.

  2. Not4me says:

    Just because you’re wet all over, doesn’t mean you’re swimming.

  3. Charli says:

    Would you fix that link? I want to see what those hydropar lights are. Also, do you ever get a little concerned when you mix electricity with water? I mean just a little? Like maybe a whole lot? Or do you just not think about it, cuz if you do, you’d go crazy?

  4. nezza says:

    Peggy – I’ve started seeing little pencil icons by other people’s posts. Should I be seeing these? Just thought I should mention it incase a setting has gone ‘awry’.

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