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It’s 9 pm, and Griffith park is burning.

Photo courtesy of skunks via Flickr.
And the fire’s moving towards Hollywood.

It’s important to remember that Griffith Park is about two miles away from me, and since those two miles are covered with pavement and cheap stucco mini-malls (both of which tend to be fire-proof), the chances of my neighborhood burning is pretty much zero.

Right now, my main concern is the possibility of the power going out, and the ex-boyfriend (not Mr. Movie Star, a different ex-boyfriend) sitting on my couch, chewing his nails and flipping channels trying to see if his house is on fire or not (his neighborhood’s been evacuated, and from what I understand the Sherriff’s officers had to literally pry him off the property when the order came through).

Although my ex will be fine (unless he keeps yelling “Quick! Come look at this!” to show me more news footage of smoke plumes, and then I’m going to kill him), let’s all cross our fingers for the other nice folks who live in that area.

Here’s hoping that all of the Los Feliz-based bloggers (and non-bloggers as well) are safe, sound, and unscorched.

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6 Responses

  1. snarkolepsy says:

    Cripes.. this summer is gonna be nervous making. All it takes is one tard. And if I hear another weather person enthusiastically say how nice the weather is – I’m gonna puke.

    Everything is just so brittle and dry. Walking across carpet could set the whole place on fire.

  2. Peter says:

    It’s very nice to you to take in the ex-boyfriend. Most people wouldn’t have been so accommodating.

  3. Charli says:

    The chances of there being a fire in Santa Monica is slim to none. I never understood these fires though until I moved to Cali. Some places get too much rain, Santa Cruz, and some not enough. I now understand why there are mudslides. It’s one strange state.

  4. nezza says:

    I’ve just seen footage on the BBC evening news over here. They said they thought it might have been one carelessly discarded cigarette. I hope they manage to get it under control. That’s one hell of a big blaze – and it’s scarily close to some people’s houses.

    A few pix here:

    Hope they don’t have to renovate the Observatory again!

  5. Meg says:

    The Observatory is fine. All the major landmarks of Griffith Park were spared. As for a cigarette being the cause, it’s possible-I was in the Greek Theatre parking lot (right across the street from Roosevelt Golf Course, possibly the fire’s origin) and saw people smoking and carelessly discarding the butts shortly before the fire started. As we left the parking lot, driving South on Vermont Ave, I looked in my car’s rear view mirror and saw the flames moving up the hillside. It was astonishing how fast it gobbled up the dry brush.

  6. nezza says:

    Glad to hear the Observatory is ok. It would have been a bit gutting to have to re-renovate it!
    I hope the plantlife is able to regenerate itself.

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