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Meanwhile, back at the stage…

Today we continued to collect and count equipment, the birds continued to sit in the tree, squawk all day and smell bad and everything was calm.

Until – we found out that we’ll have to re-rig a set (which we wrapped on the assurance that production were certain they were done in there and wouldn’t be back) and a location (which we wrapped on the assurance that production were certain they were done there and wouldn’t be back), that they now want to shoot in again, and since it’s all very last minute, it’s now a HUGE scramble for everyone. We had a quiet day today, but only a few of us are back in Long Beach tomorrow – most of us will be in the middle of one or the other of those sets and the associated shitstorms.

Although it’s bad for us, it’s MUCH worse for people like set dressing and props – it doesn’t matter if we get the exact same equipment back for the second rig. The lights just have to come on.

Once something’s (furniture, clothing, hair, magazines on that table in the background) been established in a scene, all subsequent shots of it must be an exact match (unless there’s some explanation in the movie of why it doesn’t), so the set dressing, wardrobe and props folks have to get the same stuff back for any re-shoots. Normally, if they think something’s going to be on camera again, they’ll hang onto it just to be safe, because if they do return it and it goes out on another show, that other show’s not going to give back stuff that they’ve established in their shot just because someone on some other show fucked up.

Would you?

I guess it’s just lucky that the construction guys didn’t have time to tear that set down.

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5 Responses

  1. irmwii says:

    I can’t imagine having the patience to deal with this kind of stuff. Kudos to you for not freaking out (and, I guess, to the set dressers even more so).

  2. Crew Guy says:

    One thing we can always count on is change. It’s great when production jumps over a bundle of cash to save a dime.

  3. Charli says:

    So, when the movie comes out, will you let us know if something in the background is missing? I’m doing a little short film and we have to re-shoot a whole scene, with a whole different actor, sigh. God bless them re-shoots.

  4. PDQ says:

    So which movie is it you’re working on? I know you guys have been real busy in downtown LB and Shoreline was closed for quite a while. I’ve seen the “IM BASE CAMP” signs downtown, but haven’t heard the name of the movie mentioned by anyone in town.

    Peggy sez: Because all of us had to sign confidentiality agreements, I can’t mention the name of the movie right now. Sorry.

  5. MoonBros says:

    We’ve been there…regarding the prop thing. As independent filmmakers, we filmed our first feature called “Liars and Lunatics”.

    One scene called for one of the actors to spill his coffee. Well, our “props department” got a hold of these blue paper coffee cups with a Grecian motif.

    The trouble came three weeks later when we decided we needed a close-up. Problem. We didn’t have the Grecian paper cup anymore!

    Well, we couldn’t find the same style cup. Most people probably won’t even notice the cup looks slightly different, though. Except maybe those people who watch the movie 100 times and start looking for continuity errors!

    Lesson learned: Never throw away your paper coffee cups.

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