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Finally, some relief!

Over the past year or so, I’ve tried just about every allergy medication on the market – they either don’t work well, don’t work at all, or they work but the side effects are completely unbearable.

Lately, I’ve been using Claritin D, which works great against the snot, but somehow manages to give me insomnia and allergy-pill head at the same time. Allergy-pill head is never good at work because of the delayed reaction time it causes (“Lookout!” “[pause] What?” -crash- “[pause] Ouch”) so I tried Mucinex, which gave me the worst cotton-mouth ever, although it did dry up my head.

Our current location apparently has some sort of super extra dusty dust filled with a side order of some type of toxic shit that makes everyone’s allergies act up (plus, today’s blue plate special – fiberglass catalyst fumes because someone in construction forgot that you’re not really supposed to use that shit indoors) so while part of me is thinking that this whole situation isn’t really a fair test, the larger part of me just wants the allergies to go away and doesn’t much care how that gets accomplished (Does nuclear waste clear up your sinuses? ‘Cause if it does, I’ll gladly drink some).

In a desperate moment over the weekend, I decided to try the kiddie version of Claritin (thinking that a lower dose of whatever’s in there might work without the sleepless nights and temporary – I hope – loss of valuable IO points), and much to my surprise, it worked!

Although it doesn’t last quite 24 hours, it’s chewable, tastes vaguely of purple, clears up my head and doesn’t seem to cause allergy-pill head (so far).

Also, I’m able to sleep at night, which is definitely a plus.

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  1. Charli says:

    Vitamin C, this is the miracle drug. Hear me out. Living in SCruz, for years I was on Sudafed and Afrin nasil spray, and I mean I lived 6 months out of each year on this crap. The first doctor I visited when I moved, no, not the eye doctor, the ear/nose/throat doctor. These doctors become my friend wherever I go, they give out these prescriptions to the best nasal type spray on the planet, you know the kind, it’s like fuel going up your nose, dries everything out.

    Well, I got sick of it. I read an article about Vitamin C at and this guy stated that C is a natural antihistamine, hey, I spent enough money on pills and spray, my nose felt raw after awhile, I was ready to try anything.

    I took megadoses of C, from 2000mg – 6000mg a day. Within a few weeks I noticed I wasn’t using Kleenix much anymore. Then I noticed I didn’t have allergies. Now mind you, I had scratch eyes, runny nose for 4 straight years, use to get the flu every October, and I mean a bad case of flu.

    Then NOTHING. I haven’t been sick, no cold, no flu, in 2 years. I have felt exhausted and out of it, but not sick. I haven’t had the need of buying mulitiple boxes of Kleenix, I haven’t used nasal spray or Sudafed and I lived on that stuff.

    VITAMIN C is the miracle drug. I’m living proof it’s the best preventative medicine out there, however, you have to take it consistently and in doses of at least 2000mg a day.

    I’m a believer. This is my third year now, no drugs.

  2. Will says:

    I’ve had really good success over the past couple of years with the medicine, Allegra, and when that starts to get adjusted to by my immune system (which I am convinced, wants to sneeze); another one called Zyrtec.

    There is a nasal spray called Nasonex that isn’t half bad. It’s a kind of a steroid, but since it is a local application, maybe it’s not such a horrid thing. That’s what I tell myself, and I’ve had the nuclear waste thought you described in a previous post.

    I told myself this a bit recently, when here on the E. coast there was so much freaking pollen that it felt like my eyes had barbed wire in ’em.

    Another thing to try is a herbal: Stinging Nettle. I found that it worked for a few days, and then the body figured a way around it to sneeze.

    I also take yet more coffee (expresso preferably, been thinking about applying it directly to the eyes). And avoid cheese, other dairy, sugar, soda drinks, shellfish -particularly during the season.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Please give Flonase a try. It’s a prescription inhaler. It’s a steroid that desentizes your nose to allergens. It has worked like a charm for me for a number of years.

  4. Caukee says:

    Allergies suck, but then you have probably have, in addition, lots of eposure to dust and other stuff clogging your passages. Big problem when I worked construction.
    I thought I’d chime in here with my 2 cents, as someone with allergies and asthma, and little tolerance of drugs, though I’m not anti-medication. The best thing for my allergies was the shots. I took them once a week for a couple months, it took 20 minutes tops, and the effect lasted for years – but that’s just me.
    Are you aware that Claritin-D has pseudophed – which is a stimulant ? I cannot sleep at all if I take it. Some products have replaced the Pseudophed with a different stimulent, same problem. Plus they all are “addictive” – in the Afrin way – and may be tough to adjust to going without. Just stick with the plain antihistimine and try other ways to help your congestion – like hot drinks, humidifiers, working tour trigger points in the head and neck for facial sinuses, or in the chest for that area.
    One that works for me is holding a washcloth (one of those waffle types, not too thick -or are those dishcloths ?) wet as you can without it dripping, and breathe through it. It’s a little tricky to gauge the amount of water, but once you’ve done it, it’s easy. It’s low-tech, portable, you always carry water anyway – stick the cloth in a Ziploc – and surprisingly effective. It delivers that important moisture in the neighborhood where it’s needed. Just don’t drown yourself.

    Love your blog – it’s fascinating to learn about how people do real jobs, isn’t it ?

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