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Goodbye, sun – we’re working nights.

There are two schools of thought about transitioning from day work (Yesterday’s call time: 6 am. Today’s call time: 8pm. The shooting crew’s back on stage and if we’re there at the same time they are we just don’t get enough work done because we can’t really work quietly) to night work – some folks go home and go to bed right away, sleep for a few hours and then take a nap in the afternoon, other folks try to stay awake all night and go to sleep the next morning.

Neither of these methods really work for me.

If I go home and go to bed right away, I sleep for a few hours and then can’t sleep for that nap the next afternoon – and if I stay up all night and try to get all my sleep the next day, someone invariably starts making some type of godawful noise right outside my window and I lie there, wide awake, thinking about killing them and while that may be amusing, it’s certainly not restful.

So this time, I decided to split the difference. I went home, stayed up until about 3 am, and managed to sleep until just before 8. Then, I got up, played with the cat for a while, then went back to bed an managed to sleep fitfully until about 2 pm.

I guess I’ll see how well it works later tonight.

You know the absolute worst thing about working 8pm – 8am? I’m completely fucked for the gym before and after work – and swimming is the one thing that stops my feet from hurting after 12 hours of walking on concrete floors (okay, the getting stuck in rush hour traffic both ways sucks pretty hard, too).

Ugh. There’s a wild rumor going around that if the construction site right next to the stage is too noisy, then the shooting units will have to go to nights and we’ll go back to days.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    My feet too were screwed after a shoot day until I found Merrells: Good luck!

  2. boskolives says:

    Once again, sharing the pain. I went to an old time village about 100 miles south of Boston last week to work all nighters for 6 days, doing an educational video on Paul Revere.
    So, I move my watch up 3 hours and try to sleep days in a hotel set up for people banging stuff (and each other) around all day when I’m trying to sleep, get used to the hours just as we finish the week, and return to L.A. and now I have to try to get back on earth hours again.
    And, after calling around to network, I’m getting ready for 2 weeks of night shoots again in a small town near the garden spot of Bakersfield.
    All prayers are answered, sometime the answer is no.
    Cheers and all that crap……

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