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I have nothing but time on my hands.

In a panic over not sleeping and worrying about how I was going to make it through the next work week, I went the doctor Saturday and got a prescription for a sleeping pill, and now it turns out that I don’t need it – I got laid off yesterday*.

The crew got cut and although I’ve been on this thing full-time for a few months, I’ve always technically been a day player so I’m first on the chopping block when the manpower gets cut.

I don’t mind, though. Although I’ll miss the people (a crew of folks that I really like and I always enjoy coming into work with), I’m just as happy to never, ever see that location again (newest hazard: fleas. They’ve awakened from their winter slumber and are desperate for a light snack. Since they can’t find animals, riggers will do. Someone jokingly made the suggestion that we should all wear flea collars, and I remember thinking it wasn’t a bad idea).

So although I’ll start making work calls tomorrow, there’s just about another month before TV starts back up, so I may be out of work until then.

For now, my mission is to work out like a fiend and drop the 6 lbs. I put on because of eating crap (damn those fatty snacks – why are they so tasty?) at work and not getting to the gym enough to counteract it.

*One of the first things one has to learn when working film production is not to take layoffs personally – it doesn’t mean they don’t like me, it just means the manpower got cut. When folks who are just starting off ask for a bit of advice, that’s what I tell them.

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  1. Meg says:

    Yup, can’t take a layoff personal. My husband the grip says that this is the best part time job he’s ever had. You may want to sniff around at that tv show you’ve worked on before-they are moving to a different stage and the grips are just wrapping up rigging.

  2. Dave2 says:

    Apparently fatty snacks are so tasty because they’re filled with fat. I read that in a Susan Powter book or something. :-)

  3. Burbanked says:

    Not sure if WP registers these kinds of trackback links, but I’ve featured your post at the top of my sidebar (in the “From the brains of the bloggers” box). This is a bit in which I choose a sentence that is particularly interesting, insightful or otherwise compelling and link it – wildly removed from its context – back to your post.

    Peggy sez: WordPress did not track it. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for posting it :)

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