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The best laid plans…

I had last night all planned out – we were putting in a rig for a really low budget show that’s shooting nights (so we worked during the day in order to have everything ready for them when they got there), and since it’s really low budget, the equipment package was half of a shared 10 ton, so I figured that we only had a few hours of work (you can’t really fit that much stuff into half of a 10 ton truck), and since the stage was near Little Tokyo, I figured I’d be off work in time to be a sushi eating fool and still be able to make the gym afterwards.

Unfortunately, rigging Lacy Street Studios (a 120 year old factory that was converted to a film location) in 100 degree heat sapped me of energy, strength, my sense of humor and the will to live (running up and down sets of really steep stairs all day has also left me with minimal use of my incredibly stiff knees today).

I need to learn not to make plans for after work – ever.

We were almost done, so we turned on the power in order to make sure everything was working, and once the lines went ‘hot’ we discovered a really serious problem (Lacy Street has runs of cable that are permanently installed, but it gets patched and unpatched so often that it’s all fucked up. Most shows that shoot there use a generator because no one trusts the house power, but this show can’t afford a generator, so they’re on house power and of course it turned out to be fucked up and we had to fix it) and I ended up working until almost 10 pm.

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8 Responses

  1. I enjoy your blog and link to it from my own. I must say you’re sounding pretty salty here. I’m no stranger to the joys of being on rigging crews. I agree it’s tough and often thankless, but whenever I hear grips or electrics complain about the rates or the work I can’t help but think of all the people in the world standing on an assembly line or behind a service counter making minimum wage or worse.
    I’ve heard our brothers and sisters call working on an indie for $150/day, “freebies”. I wonder what the kids stitching Nikes in Thailand would have to say about that.
    You gotta admit that we got it good sister, even when the rates are low.

  2. Charli says:

    I was out today at the Promenade at a meet with other screenwriters, the weather today, so hot that your hair sweats. I feel your pain.

  3. Alison says:

    Somehow doesn’t seem like the “same ” pain.

  4. she_said says:

    At this point California would be more enjoyable if it just fell into the ocean. Which is not saying a lot.

    I want to really complain ( I mean – I am complaining), but Tex-ass is getting like an inch of rain an hour for something like weeks.

    Right now I’d take a flood over what I’ve got. It just sucks-ass all around. That fucking bitch mother nature. What’d I do to her?

  5. 80 Crew Guy says:

    I hate that place it’s haunted I just know it. Years ago gaffing a low budget pilot, I tied in to their power. Using their half assed colored camlocks I found out that the ground was HOT. Thank the angels I checked it before plugging in any KINO’s.

  6. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Looking at the Lacy Street website, I noticed that the computers in the police station set are just old monitors and keyboards (and no actual computers) plonked down on the desks. Real classy.

  7. Dan says:

    I love Lacy Street! A great building, but I don’t ever want to work there. I was cutting a film that shot there years ago. It’s amazing how much MORE of a danger it is now. Why not head across the street to the pound and pick yourself up a dog? You need a dog.

  8. Proto says:

    Ugh, running up and down stairs in triple degree heat? That would be ‘instead’ of the gym for me.
    Glad you finally got it wired, safely.

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