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Stinky goes to work, sees some movies

I worked on Friday, and fortunately managed not to smell too bad (or maybe I did, and my co-workers were just too polite to say anything about it), although I did spend most of my day’s pay in the studio store (Damn you Fox for stocking all that crap I want to buy).

Since it was a rig day (getting a set ready for the next season of a TV show – mostly cleanup* and some lighting changes here and there), we were out early enough for me to go see Sicko, which was entertaining, although he’s certainly not telling me anything I don’t already know – America’s health care system is completely fucked! Yup, knew that. People in countries with national healthcare have less stress about medical bills! Yup, knew that too.

Then, last night I went to a crew screening of Transformers, where Michael Bay stood up beforehand and gave a talk about how hard they had to fight to keep the shoot in Los Angeles, that he hates crew screenings because we don’t react like a ‘real’ audience (to be fair, we don’t. For most of us, the magic died a long, long time ago), and that he’s really a nice guy, honest.

Good for him (for keeping the movie in Los Angeles, that is. That whole ‘runaway production’ thing’s a post and a half on it’s own).

Also, the burns have healed enough so I can now wear deodorant – making it once again safe for the good people of Los Angeles to breathe through their mouths.

*Over the course of a show that has ‘standing sets’, stuff gets messy over time because unlike locations where everything has to be wrapped and packed back in the truck almost every night, the equipment on standing sets just, well, sits there since there’s no real urgency to neaten things up (we’ll just be back in the set again, so why bother, right?). So, cable gets coiled back, left there, covered with junk and then forgotten, lamps hanging on pipe grids get moved and the power stays there (we might come back to that lighting setup, right?) and generally things just get messy. Hence the pre-season cleanup. That, and the color-correction gels we put on the lights wear out (they fade out so they’re no longer the right color) and have to be replaced.

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6 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Michael Bay is nice? Crap! I really want to hate that guy.

    Peggy sez: Hate away. He’s not, in fact, very nice.

  2. Charli says:

    I think Michael Bay is hot, well, I do.
    Happy 4th, girl.

    Peggy sez: You only think he’s hot because he’s never screamed obscenities at you through a megaphone while standing two feet away. Happy 4th to you, too.

  3. GroovyBrent says:

    And the verdict on Transformers?

    Peggy sez: I’ve got a review of it on LAist:

    I was underwhelmed.

  4. Chris says:

    You I got an invite to a crew screening? I spent 6 weeks on that thing and didn’t even get a t-shirt, much less an invite to a screening. Michael Bay was a classmate of my brother’s at Wesleyan. He was a turd then, he’s a turd now.

  5. Charli says:

    Okay, the man is an idiot, still, I think he’s hot – sigh.

  6. Proto says:

    So you don’t get overwhemled with emotion when they put it all together with sound and visual effects? [sigh]

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