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The socks didn’t work so well that time

I spent yesterday working on a music video (favor job) in a warehouse downtown where the temperature was at least 115 degrees (when I stepped outside into the comparatively cool 90 degree afternoon, my first thought was how nice it felt – normally, stepping outside when it’s 90 degrees makes me break into pitiful sobs).

Somehow, it never occurs to the people who scout these jobs that lights generate heat (“Oh, it was perfectly fine in here on the scout – I don’t know why it’s so hot now”) and when you fill the top floor of a warehouse with lights that generate heat and close all the windows, the room very quickly becomes the world’s biggest sauna.

I’d say it was lucky I was able to wear deodorant, but after a few hours, it really didn’t matter.

To top it all off – at the end of the day when I went to my car, someone had broken in and stolen my stereo – which wouldn’t have been that big a deal, but the stereo must have been difficult to remove, as they fucked up the entire dashboard in the process.

Turns out, on older cars with electric windows, it’s possible to just push the window down enough to reach in and unlock the door. Unbelievable.

So I guess that’s the answer to my initial question of why they’d choose to break into my car when there was a $60,000 Audi parked right behind it.

Bet you can’t just push the fucking window down on that car.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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8 Responses

  1. nezza says:

    I’m sorry to hear about that. You don’t have much luck sometimes do you? Hope you get it all sorted out quickly with the minimum of hassle.

  2. Chris says:

    Maybe the person for whom you did this “favor” will replace it. (I’ve never shot anywhere without security).

    I would imagine that the favor bank balance is now zero/minus.

    Peggy sez: Actually, the production’s insurance has to replace it, so it’s nothing more than an inconvenience.

  3. Meg says:

    Even WITH security-it’s downtown, baby. My husband was working on something near Union Station (nightwork of course) and they had security, but 15 crew member’s cars got broken into anyway. 15 cars! With security. And they never saw a thing.

    Peggy sez: Years ago, when I had a pickup truck I came out after a night shoot and found a homeless guy sleeping in the bed of my truck – three feet away from the security guard. This was in that big lot that’s right next to skid row, so I guess it wasn’t a surprise. The homeless guy was really nice about it when I woke him up.

  4. GroovyBrent says:

    Aw man. Not a good story. Trying really hard to find a silver lining…

    Nope. I got nuthin. Sorry.

  5. Dan says:

    A director friend of mine whenever shooting downtown takes his old beat-up 80’s Toyota truck to avoid getting broken into, figuring the ne’er do wells would just move on to a better car. It didn’t work. Somebody broke in, started the thing with a screw driver and drove off with it. They found it 2 days latter in Chatsworth. Guess whoever stole it just needed to get from here to there.

  6. Charli says:

    I’m not sure there is a bright side? I’ve had a pair of gloves and watch stolen out of my bike’s pouch, a warm-up top stolen out of my locker, and the feeling of feeling violated, that part of it sucks to high Heaven.

    I’m sorry ’bout your radio, girl. Makes me want to hit someone.

  7. Dang. That blows!

    The only thing that could possibly make that worse is if there was some really embarrassing music in the CD player or something.

    Small blessings.

    Peggy sez: Is LCD Soundsystem really embarrassing? ‘Cause that’s what was in the CD player at the time.

  8. Meg says:

    Maybe the security guard thought it was one of the crew sleeping in the back of your truck. After a 16 hour day, it’s hard to tell the difference between the skid row folk and the film crew

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