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Almost-Friday photo

I’m having to stay up a bit later than usual due to my having a later call time tomorrow (which means, of course, that we won’t wrap until later – like early Saturday morning), so here’s a photo from Wednesday’s job:

Air tastes better when you can see it.

As I’d predicted, it was hotter than hell. At lunch, when I stepped out of the air conditioned stage (which was a bit warm – they turn off the air conditioning between takes, and sometimes the PAs forget to turn it back on), it felt like, well, it felt hot – and it didn’t help when they hauled out that fucking smoke machine and ‘hazed’ the room. I know that stuff’s supposed to be mostly harmless, but it always gives me a sore throat and a cough.

Luckily, I was working with a really wonderful group of folks so I had a good time – but not so much of a good time that I didn’t bail when I got called to work Friday and Saturday on a job that pays more.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Just wrapped camera in Downey at 3AM(11AM call), so I feel your pain. Noon call tomorrow to pack the truck and move to Uni; it’s now 4AM and I usually get up at this hour, so I’ll be pretty worthless tomorrow(today, actually).

    Have a better one.

  2. pepperhead2 says:

    Hi Peggy,
    Love your site. Pepperhead2 is not my real name (duh) but like you, I prefer a nom de plume (is that right?) Thought you might enjoy this.

    “The ABC’s of Production”

    A is for All the freaks we work with every day
    B is for the Best Boy, who’s always in your way
    C is for the Caterer, who brings you meat and fish
    D is for Herr Director, may you grant his every wish.

    E is for the Ecstasy we’ll never feel on set
    F is for our Family, we haven’t seen them, they’re upset-
    G is for the Goodness little children find in bright sunlight
    H is for the Hell I feel those late, late Friday nights

    I is for the I in team, the bastards just can’t spell
    J is for the joint you smoked, relax pal, I won’t tell-
    K is for the three grand you made, with penalties and overtime
    L is for the Lights and gear we’re made to slog on through the slime

    M is for all those Monday mornings; they sneak up way to quick
    N is for the strange New fungus growing from your lip
    O is for the camera Operator, dumb as three dead oxen
    P is for the Poison smoke, and other deadly toxins

    Q is for the cute young actress, she blurts out clever quips
    R is for the Rude and sad-sad way we drool o’er bolt-on tits
    S is for the stupid shit we do, despite our knowing better
    T is for Time the DP spends tickling testicles with a feather-

    U is for Unbelievable, as in “unbelievably stupid”
    V is for the Vapid ways these productions are so confus-ed
    W is for the Waste we see: is Production completely blind?
    X is the number of hours spent on wasting precious time
    Y is for the question, why didn’t I become a doctor?

    Z is for the end, my friend,
    Saturday morn, 7 A,
    -what a shocker.

  3. Peter says:

    I know that stuff’s supposed to be mostly harmless

    Maybe I’m just getting too cynical or something, but “supposed to be mostly harmless” doesn’t really inspire much confidence.

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