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And then, the air cleared.

One of the things about Southern California is sudden wind shifts which would be cause for alarm anywhere else but are just par for the course around here.

A couple of days ago, the wind suddenly changed direction and started blowing from the west to the east, which helped in the firefighting efforts (by driving the fires back onto already-burned ground which obviously isn’t really good fuel), but has also cleared the air out considerably.

Since I dropped the ball on Friday and didn’t call around looking for work, I had today off , so I decided to enjoy the day and the clear air and went for a long bike ride.

Last week:

Smoky sky


Scattered clouds

I rode out to Westwood and went to the camera store (I was looking for an extra battery and another memory card, but they only carry branded stuff and I had such a severe case of sticker shock that slunk out of the store and decided to get the stuff off Ebay), hung out for a while, and then headed back home. During the ride back home, I saw this:

Public art gone horribly wrong.

Now, unless I’m mistaken that would appear to be an armadillo (although it’s not showing in the photo, it was kind of sparkly) attached to a streetlight.

Along Santa Monica Blvd in Century City there’s some sort of strange public art thing. In addition to our friend up there, hanging from various street lights are giant shoes, a really phallic cactus, busts of random people, stylized petroglyphs, pithy sayings and a strange, smiling disembodied head which disturbed me so much I was unable to photograph it.

Since Santa Monica Blvd is the old Route 66, I guess I can understand the southwestern-themed items, but the weird, seemingly random heads just confused me. I rode back and forth along the stretch of Santa Monica Bl. a few times, trying to make some sense of the progression of weird art things, and then came to the conclusion that there was probably some sort of contest that resulted in a completely random collection of stuff hanging from what would otherwise be tasteful (for Los Angeles) beaux-artsish streetlights.

I have a 7 am call tomorrow, so I’m going to bed. Hopefully I won’t have nightmares about giant bronze heads floating in the sky.

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8 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    I noticed the weird art project about a month ago, driving from the 405 to Fox. I think they are symbols representing the states that Rt 66 passes through-Lincoln for Illinois, Ruby Slippers for Kansas (or California, where Wizard of Oz was filmed?) Armadillo for Texas, etc. But the woman’s head? There -has- to be some sort of map that explains these seemingly random hanging thingamajigs.

  2. Stan says:

    I think it’s a way of trying to use natural selection to get rid of Texans living in L.A. They’ll see the armadillo and try to run it over, and in the process they’ll crash into the light pole.

  3. Emon says:

    I saw that photo of the head on your Flickr page. It is creepy!

  4. Emon says:

    btw…happy to see Vangelis making a killing in real estate.

  5. Meg says:

    The head is supposed to represent Josephine Baker, the famous singer/dancer who was born in Missouri (one of the states RT 66 runs through.) If you learn anything about Josephine Baker, it is EXTRA creepy that they hung her with what looks like a noose.

  6. nezza says:

    So my hotel was on Route 66? That’s kind of made my day!

  7. RC says:

    I knew that when I saw your link to Route 66 my day was over. Nothing like reading about one of the fun things I traveled over when I was a kid and my parents would go back to Illinois every so often to visit… Many hours on that highway staring out the window… Keep up the great work on your blog, just love it.. Cheers RC Jones

  8. Charli says:

    I can still see a haze over the ocean here in Santa Monica, but it’s looks almost normal. My son texted me last night and said there was an earthquake up north, he’s in San Jose, and I’m thinking, “why oh why did we end up in this state.”

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