Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

And the days keep slipping by.

 Part of the problem of being totally unemployed with no work prospects coming down the pipe is inertia – seems that the less I have to do, the less I’m able to do. I sink into a sort of slug-like state where it’s a Herculean effort just to haul myself up off the couch at all, and going to the gym feels like a grueling expedition to some far-off place.

When there’s work, I get a lot of stuff done because I know I only have the one day (or two days) to squeeze in everything – I get up, get moving and start going down the list of stuff (gym, laundry, projects, etc…)

Since my immediate future is a blank slate of nothing there’s no urgency to do anything. That, and I’m broke.

Well, not completely broke yet, but unemployment are dragging their feet about cutting me a check so I can’t even go out and do anything that costs any money (a great source of amusement which costs money is hanging out in Z-list celeb infested holes on weeknights. It’s way more entertaining – in a train wrecky kind of way – than anything that’s on TV. Really, now. Who raises these people? Wolves?). I’ve got some movie passes to some theaters, but everything I want to see is playing somewhere that doesn’t take the passes I bought at Universal the last time I worked there. Dammit.

At some point the awards season screenings will start, but I’m not even sure how many of those I’m going to care about enough to haul my ass outside.

I’d start squawking about a deal between the writers and the producers needing to happen, but honestly at this point it doesn’t matter – by now just about everyone’s scrapped the remainder of the season (it’s just a 4th quarter loss, after all), so I, at least, am completely fucked and not in a happy way.

Speaking of fucked in a happy way, the only romantic prospect on the horizon is a guy who… get ready for it… is in jail for DUI.

Him: “Can I call you when I get out of jail?”

Me: (heavy sigh) “Sure, why not?”

Friend (after hearing this): “Are you insane? He’s a drunk!”

Me: “Yeah, but he’s got all his teeth. That counts for something, right?”

On the vacation recap, the next couple of days consist of us getting hopelessly lost and swearing a lot. Someone – and I think it might have been me – actually burst into tears at one point.

Here’s some photos:

This was the first sunny day of the trip at the Chateau Chenonceau

Clouds above Chenonceau

View of Chateau Chenonceau

This is the town of Montrichard. Everything was closed because it was lunchtime in November.

Montrichard was closed

Montrichard Fountain

Montrichard Roses

On the bright side, I just did all my holiday shopping by ordering prints off Flickr.

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6 Responses

  1. geekhiker says:

    Gorgeous pictures. I know the energy-less that comes from being unemployed. Hope that this strike is resolved sooner rather than later.

    DUI Guy? I’ve been lurking here a while (sorry it took me so long to comment), but I’m fairly certain you can do better. Teeth shouldn’t count for that much. :)

  2. JCW says:

    With every day that passes, each time I hear more on the strike I think of you and a couple of others I know who are being hurt by this – and the bitch of it is even praying for a quick resolution is moot since, as you point out, most shows have called it a wash already and so many films have lost cast and crew due to the delay. I still don’t think the general public realizes this is hurting thousands and thousands of “real” people – not just “Rich Hollywood” folks.
    If they did, I should think there’d be more public pressure on the producers and studios to resolve this issue fairly.

    On another subject, I don’t recall you having posted what became of that dog you were considering keeping – so what happened?

    DUI guy? Well, Mr. Sutherland isn’t exactly my cup of tea,
    but what the hell!

  3. mark says:

    “Yeah, but he’s got all his teeth. That counts for something, right?”

    Just make sure he still has him after he gets out.

  4. estebanB says:

    I feel for you. I just got laid off from the biggest lighting and grip house in town (rental agent) and trying to rebound is brutal. I hope the strike wraps soon – or I will be screwed – and not in the good way. Chin up, chest out – fight through it.

    Get it done WGA and Evil studio bastards!

  5. snarkolepsy says:

    “I still don’t think the general public realizes this is hurting thousands and thousands of “real” people – not just “Rich Hollywood” folks.”

    Honestly – the “general public” thinks it a shame a small segment of your industry can hold the rest hostage. I think most of America thinks it is none of our business. It’s a matter between employer and employees.

    Personally I get resentful when unions try to drag me in to take sides. I don’t speak for all of America.. but in-case the writers hadn’t noticed. Not one of the strikes by any union this year produced great results. And you know what? The striking unions resolved their issues. quickly Some – the same day they striked.

  6. Dave2 says:

    I’ve been to France five times.

    So why is it that when I look at your beautiful photographs, I don’t feel as if I have been there at all? :-)

    I’m sorry that you’re broke, but those Hollywood media moguls need to fight for their right to gas-up their private jets and pay for the upkeep on their billion-dollar mansions… so it’s a small price to pay, right? :-(

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