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An extra special link just for today.

One of the wonderful commenters left this link:

Sweeeeet. I’ll continue posting what I know here, but since I’m just a toolbelty schmuck, the above link might be a better source of information.

Oh, and my unemployment claim has been delayed for six weeks – about a year ago, I made an accounting error that resulted in a $200 overpayment, so today I got the “fuck you, buddy” letter in the mail.

I’m going to appeal it – although there’s the argument that stupidity should hurt (as the only way to alter behavior), I think a six week ‘time penalty’ and a 30% monetary penalty is a bit harsh for an honest mistake. Of course, the appeals process takes about six weeks.

Dear gods… I think I’m going to have to get a job.

You realize, of course, that the whole reason I work in the film industry is because in the ‘real world’ I’m completely unemployable. You know, like a monkey that you can’t get to stop flinging poo no matter how hard you try.

At least this should be interesting.

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8 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    My brother, the studio painter, got his unemployment pushed back 6 weeks for an accounting error, too. He got a TWO HOUR overtime check two weeks after he had filed his claim, and EDD said that he had committed “willful fraud” since he hadn’t reported those earnings, even though he got the check AFTER he had filed, and it came as a complete surprise. Bastards.

  2. Charli says:

    I’m not working either and wonder what the Hell I’m going to do when I grow up. I want to drive a Fire Truck.

  3. geekhiker says:

    Sorry to hear about the whole Axium debacle. Hopefully you won’t get screwed by Unca Sam. I think the whole six weeks thing for a mere $200 mistake is utter BS.

    Good luck if you end up jumping back into the workforce. Hopefully everyone will get their heads out of their collective arses and you’ll be back on a set soon…

  4. Dan says:

    Something similar happened to me back in the ’80’s with a payroll company. My local congressman was a BIG help (really, no kidding) in getting my unemployment and other payroll tax shit worked out (though, through no fault of my own, I must add) so I could get my unemployment checks in a timely manner. Keep in mind: THIS IS YOUR MONEY!!! YOU PAID INTO THE SYSTEM!!

    BTW, I have never gotten more back out of unemployment than I paid INTO it! They probably owe YOU much more than the lousy $200 mistake. Assholes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    by all means challenge’ll most likely win. Even the people who work for the EDD think those penalties are ridiculous. I went through the same thing earlier this year. I appealed and won..the judge looked at the case for a minute and ruled in my favor. But what an f’ed up time for it to sympathies. I’ve been considering going back into the job market…but i haven’t held a “real” job in 10 years so that’s not looking so good. I have no idea what i’d be qualified for…peddling my ass on Santa Monica Blvd?? I’m hoping to eke out an existence of sorts on unemployment and the occaisional commercial or still photo assisting job (my friend is a fashion shooter).. Good luck to us all..

  6. snarkolepsy says:

    The IRS is pretty reasonable these days. If you aren’t dicks to them – they actually seem like reasonable people. I’ve had to deal with them twice this year, and I was pretty shocked. Make sure to take down their IRS identifier number -and deal with the same person. They can even give you a direct line number to get to them so you dont have to wait on hold for a million years.

    It really sucks what you are going through. I been through the company bankruptcy thing, and I hope you are more successful than I was in getting any money.

    I’m also going to seem like an asshole when I say this (I dont mean to) – but the film industry needs to start exerting pressure on the writers, Because it isn’t really hurting anyone but you guys. I think when people are loosing their jobs in other industries most people don’t give a shit about the writers needs.

    Again, sorry. I just don’t hear anyone being upset in the public about what’s going on in the film industry. Everyone is scared about their own issues and future.

    I sincerely hope it gets better for you.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    If you can type at all, go to Kelly Services…They’ll get you something within a week that just might tide you over until all this Hollywood BS is taken care of…

  8. scotsirishgirl says:

    TEMP AGENCIES!!! They keep me bringing in the $crilla when all else fails. Even receptionist work is better than nothing.

    If my email shows up somewhere in your blog source thingie sign in whatever, please feel free to use it. I’ll make a few recommendations AND you can use my name as a reference with them. They like me!

    just be sure to put your blog name in the subject…that way it won’t get deleted with the junk mail.

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