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Okay, I promise I’ll stop freaking out. For now.

Today I got a very important piece of mail – the statement from the pension and health plan which tallies my qualifying hours for the previous semester.

As previously mentioned, we have to work at least 300 hours every semester in order to keep our health insurance – we can ‘bank’ hours in excess of 300 (up to 450), so we have an emergency pad just for times like this (although just about everyone I know desperately wants to avoid having to pull hours out of the bank).

Last semester, I worked 760 hours, so even if half of them are retroactively disqualified due to our good friends at Axium, I’m still okay, and since my bank’s full I’ll at least have insurance for the next year, even if the unthinkable happens and I don’t work until June or July (remember SAG? They have contract negotiations coming up in a few months and they’re also tired of getting screwed by The Man).

Thank heavens. Of course, possibly losing 400 pension hours is going to matter a great deal to me when I’m 105 and running out the clock while trying to avoid the jobs which will require me to pull cable 14 hours a day*, but for now it prevents the total meltdown that I was working myself into.

On a happier (if unrelated) note, last night I went to a free screening of the movie Once (which I really liked), and then on the way out of the theater, stopped by the Virgin Megastore which is closing (word on the street is that the landlord jacked up the rent – there seems to be a rash of that happening all over Los Angeles these days), and took advantage of the half-off sale to pick up the new Radiohead CD. I don’t normally buy CDs because of that thing that they do where there are only two good songs and the rest are crap, but Radiohead (if they’re your thing) seem to be consistently good.

I figured I could spare the 8 bucks because I haven’t driven the car in almost a week, which means that I’ve not spent 50 bucks on a tank of gas.

*Actually, since I didn’t get into the union until I was almost 30, the chances that I’ll be able to work enough to qualify for full retirement are slim to none.

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7 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    Did you get the card, too? That card is like gold. Doing the happy dance for you.

  2. Peg:

    Glad to hear you’re covered. We still need to skewer those Axium assholes and slow-roast them over a fire pit.

    Consider yourself lucky you got in the IA at 30 — I didn’t get the magic card until I was 42. My retirement plans?

    Ritz crackers and Alpo…

  3. Many of us below-the-liners can only hope 99 Cent Stores
    are still around when we retire…the 99 cent chef

  4. Dan says:

    Fucking landlords. I live on Larchmont where chain stores were never going to happen…until Blockbuster moved in. Since then, things have slowly been sliding downhill. Now landlords are jacking up the rent so much that no one can afford to have a privately owned shop. In the last 2 months these stores have had to close or move because of greedy landlords: Larchmont hardware (was there 80 years!), Sam’s bagels, Floret (an amazing florist), La Luna Italian restaurant, Blue Windows… pretty soon, the whole street will look like the 3rd street prom. in Santa Monica: nothin’ but chain stores.

  5. mob says:

    John Visconti’s house, and a corp name: “Unity America Fund, Inc”

    Date Type Details Document
    11/30/2007 None
    Sale price $0
    Buyer John Visconti
    1140 Calle Vista Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    Seller Unity America Fund Inc
    Mortgage Show details

    See the scanned
    document image
    9/9/2003 Unknown type (G )
    Sale price $0
    Buyer Unity America Fund Inc
    725 Curson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Seller Visconti,John
    Mortgage Show details
    2/26/2003 Unknown type (G )
    Full transfer value (F)
    Sale price $0
    Buyer John Visconti
    1140 Calle Vista Dr Beverly Hills , CA 90210
    Seller United America Fund Inc
    Mortgage Show details
    1/24/2002 Unknown type (G )
    Sale price $0
    Buyer Unity America Fund
    , 0
    Seller Visconti,J M
    Mortgage Show details

  6. Will MacGhee says:


    I am in similar boat as you with respect to Axium. I was paid through a subsidiary of Axium, Pax (has same phone number as Axium). The bounced my last check off a feature that ended in December, but I didn’t present until the begining of January.

    My accountant asks, did you save you paystubs. They will show that you paid your taxes. The accountant says in this instance, paystubs are gold.


  7. John Krill says:

    Have any charges of any kind been filed against Axium? Local, state or feds?

    How about the dorks that riped off the company and you? Where are they?

    And lastly what kind of reporting has any of our great newspapers, TV news, etc. done on this story.

    To me this is a big story. Why haven’t I seen any coverage? This is really the sad part. If the news media really covered this story then maybe some kind of positive resolution could come from it.

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