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Special Leap Year Friday Photo


My big excitement this week was hauling my bike out to the beach and going for a ride along the oceanfront bike path.

Happy February 29th!

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6 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    I especially like the reflection on the sand. Nice. HOWEVER, posting pics like this make the snowbound people flock to California. We must cease and desist from letting them know that it is always lovely in Southern California. We have to play up the fire/mudslide/earthquake aspect that is our true identity. Oh well, since it’s Leap Day, I’ll give you a pass (g)

  2. Rob Hogan says:

    I love the low cost of living in Ohio and the ample work to be had. Then I see a shot like this and makes me long for the days of living in LA. If I was still in my twenties I would jump in my car right now, drive out there and sleep in that car for a week just to enjoy the Pacific again. Damn the responsibility of being a grown up.

  3. Charli says:

    Peg – I spent the night at the hospital, accumulating thousands of dollars of medical bills only to be told I had an inflamed stomach and that nothing is wrong with me. I walk by the beach today is an excellent idea. So far, I got two parking tickets and one trip to the hospital, dude, what a year!

  4. sal says:

    Gorgeous photo! Roll on April, when I can see the view for real

  5. nezza says:

    Me too. Me too. Maybe I’ll see you there Sal. LOL.
    With camera also.

  6. geekhiker says:

    The bike path is one of those little amazing things about LA, isn’t it? Nice pic. :)

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