Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

We have a winner!

Jon takes the canned swill  delicious beverage with 20 W2 forms!

Jon, shoot me an email at and I’ll send it right out!

I’d also like to take this time to apologize for not being more interesting as of late – there’s just not that much going on right now. I get up, write a bit (I’m still behind schedule, though), go to the gym for a couple of hours (I’d be totally ripped right now if I didn’t like wine so much), come home, work on the scarf I’m knitting (it’s my first lace project so it’s taking a while), write some more, watch some bad TV, list stuff on ebay (I’m now listing stuff for people in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Tune in next week when I start dancing on the street corner for whatever spare change passersby chuck at my head) and then go to bed.

No going out, no dates, no movies, no trips anywhere, no social life to speak of and I don’t even have work to blame this time.

Guess I need another excuse, don’t I? 

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6 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    Listing stuff on ebay for other people-brilliant! I have run out of all the crew jackets, scripts and memorabilia to sell. It just takes up space, and I’m not attached to any of it-if it makes somebody in the UK happy, and I make a coupla bucks, it’s like doing the dishes and leaving a clean sink. Everybody wins.

  2. JCW says:

    My extra stint on MILK will come to an end on Sunday.

    After that I’m informed that nothing much in the way of features is moving forward until the new SAG contract is signed.

    Once you’ve learned a few good street corner dance moves, perhaps you’ll offer to share with me?

  3. Charli says:

    Well, your life is more exciting than mine. Today was the first day I could eat something other than grilled cheese sandwich, big whoop. How did I get so boring?

  4. Jennifer says:

    I used to love eBay, until around a year ago when a series of sellers pissed me off. The first one wanted 60 bucks to ship a painting I bought, but he lived in Woodland Hills and I offered to pick it up myself to save that money (which naturally was about 200% more than I actually paid for the second-hand painting). He refused. I had to pay. That was just the beginning of the end for me.

    Although as a seller, you probably have to deal with some jerky buyers. It goes both ways, right?

    Peggy sez: It’s mostly just stupid questions from buyers.

  5. Aaron says:

    Dang, i want to win some swill. Or some whiskey. Is whiskey swill?

    Im thirsty.

  6. nezza says:

    Are you really knitting? Wow. I had no idea you were into that sort of creativity as well. Is there no end to your talents?

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