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Remind me never again to leave the house without a camera

Why is it that whenever I leave my house without a camera I’ll see at least half a dozen really nice couches?

Not only will I see nice couches, but they won’t have parked cars blocking the shot and the light will be perfect.

Which is, of course, what happened this afternoon. I went to the feed store to pick up a bale of straw (garden mulch – it’s going to get very hot very soon and I have baby tomato plants which don’t appreciate having their roots fried) and on the way back, spotted the couches and scrambled frantically to reach my camera only to remember that I’d left it at home.

Damn. I’ll cruise by the spots that had the better couches on my way to work (yay!) tomorrow and hope they’re still there.

Also in “damn” moments today was my not being able to get pre-sale Radiohead tickets. Basically, this means I won’t be able to get tickets at all. Once they go on sale at Ticketmaster, the ticket scalpers brokers will buy them all and I won’t be able to afford even the shitty seats.

Oh, well. If I had gotten tickets, I’d have to work that night.

Today’s video rental was In the Shadow of the Moon, a really nice documentary about the Apollo missions and the moon landings. It’s got some great interviews with the astronauts, including one where Michael Collins reads the speech that was prepared in case the lunar module didn’t come back.

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3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    A few years ago I was able to get pretty good Radiohead seats from Ticketbastard without a presale. Just get on there as soon as they open. You’re not going to get front row, but you probably won’t get nosebleeds either. I’ve had the worst luck trying to see Radiohead in the past. The first time I was supposed to see them was the Tibet Freedom Concert in DC. Lightning struck inside the stadium and seriously injured someone and the rest of the day was canceled. A couple years later their show was rained out. I finally got to see them at Shoreline in ’03.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I saw In the Shadow of the Moon at Sundance and loved it–glad to know it’s finally out on VHS!

    I hope things go well for your tomato plants

  3. Will Campbell says:

    One of the great lessons from my college journalism days was my photography professor saying on the first day of class he would fail anyone of his students that he found wasn’t packing a camera of some sort — and that was back in the early ’90s when film was the only option.

    Of course, I’ve had plenty of those days since where I’ve ventured out without one and they most always end in a dammit at something I missed.

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