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Watch me try to stay awake

One of the things that still remains tough to adjust to after all this time is the unpredictable hours that I sometimes have to work.

Under normal circumstances, if I’m so tired that I feel I’m not safe I’ll turn down the call, but since my policy right now is to only turn down work if I’m dead, I’m taking anything at any time I can get, which means if I have to go without sleep I’m just going to have to deal, since the shadow of another potential work stoppage is still hanging over all our heads.

Thursday: 2 pm call time. I got to bed around 2 am and got up around 7 am in order to keep on a day schedule. I figured I’d stay up all day and just go to bed early.

Then, on Friday around noon I got a last minute call to report to work at 2 pm (missed seeing Nezza on her last day here, but a girl’s gotta pay the bills), so right out of the gate I was completely wiped out and the best boy will probably go to his grave being convinced that I’m either perpetually stoned or exceptionally slow on the uptake.

Monday: 7am call time, which adds up to one of those one-day weekends since I totally lost Saturday. I’m sure I did something, but I have no idea what that something was.

I was off today, and I got up early hoping to stay on a day schedule, but no such luck.

Tomorrow: 5 pm call time, so although I got up at 6 am today, I’ll have to try to stay up until at least midnight in the hopes that I’ll sleep until at least 8 am.

8, for me, is the magic number. I can’t seem to sleep much later unless I get home from work at 7 am.

What will probably happen is that I’ll fall asleep at 10, wake up at 6, be unable to get back to sleep and then be up until sunrise Friday morning, which means I’ll have to down enough coffee to kill Juan Valdez and his donkey in order to stay functional.

It’s all going to be fine. I’m just happy to be working, and worse comes to worse I’ll catch a nap in the back seat of my car after work. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that.

On the bright side, I got my refund checks from the unemployment fracas:

Winning feels gooood.

I have big plans for this money. First, I’m going to trowel on enough makeup so that I topple over when I try to stand upright. Then, I’m going to don an obscenely tight dress, make a beeline to the trendiest nightclub in town and sit at the bar while I bat my eyelashes and fan myself with $2,000 in twenties before going home with four or five cheap male models. Or maybe one really expensive one.

Just kidding. I’m going to use it to pay bills and rent. Whatever’s left over goes in the savings account in case the actors decide to strike.

Although when I think about it, if I have four or five cheap male models, do I really need a place to live? Or food?

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9 Responses

  1. nezza says:

    Yes, it was a shame not to meet up again, but I totally understand. It was good to get to meet you though. And thank you so much for arranging the Leno tickets with your pal. Can’t tell you how nice it was knowing we didn’t have to get up at very early o’clock to queue.

    I even got to see a couple of my very own real life LA abandoned couches which made me chuckle although I wasn’t quick enough with the camera for one (damn these moving car thingies…!)

    Hope the work keeps coming – I’m nervous for you having mentioned another possible stoppage.

  2. GroovyBrent says:

    Maybe instead of models, you should concentrate on picking up cheap male SAG members. Give them something other than a strike to think about?

  3. Yeah, those whacko schedules are killer. But I agree, right now, you’ve got to take the work when it comes.

    When there’s a lull, maybe you can do a spa day or a weekend in the mountains or something where you just have to sit on your balcony with a nice, strong drink and let your mind drift.

    Hang in there.

  4. Scripty says:

    Just a polite reminder to be careful driving after a long day if you are tired. Doctors say losing sleep can have the same effect on response time and driving skills as someone driving under the influence of alcohol. I want to keep reading your entertaining posts!,9171,986226-1,00.html

  5. Meg says:

    My husband carries two pillows and an old crew coat for back seat naps. Plus all of his tools makes for very full trunk.

  6. Charli says:

    Did you say, “Male Models?” oooooo, you are my girl!!!

  7. sal says:

    Sorry not to have seen you at the end of our trip, but I’m glad the work’s coming in now. Thanks from me too re the Leno show, it was a fun day!

    I’d go for one expensive rather than 4 or 5 cheap ones, btw

  8. boskolives says:

    Ditto re: the practice of forced staying awake and crashing back to earth hours after an all nighter, even if means dodging out on friends that I’m too tired to keep up some semblance of sanity around, and too tired to explain why I’m not sleeping after getting home at 7am.

    I also share your dread about the coming perfect storm for our economy provided by our SAG buddies and their counterparts in AFTRA.

    Crap, I just got used to eating regular meals again.

  9. geekhiker says:

    Darn, I knew I should’a stuck with my cheap male modeling career… ;)

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